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  1. Hi friends, My younger cousin wants to do a Desktop Support level cert in Windows 7. What is the Exam Number for a MS desktop Level Certification? Is it 70-686 ? Please give your advice. Thanks in advance
  2. qyhdt

    CBT Review ?

    Hi, Is there any topic here where CBTs of various companies on different topics are discussed. If there is then would someone please post its link here. Or could there be a new review/rating topic where CBTs are rated. For example there are cbt's by CBT Nuggets and Trainsignal on CCNA, but which one is better. Could something like this be done ??? Thnx.
  3. qyhdt


    I have no words to describe how fantastic this is... Thnx buddy.
  4. qyhdt

    100 Networking Interview questions and Answers

    Very helpful... Very nice.. Thanx buddy.
  5. qyhdt

    Group Strategy Facts

    Great info. Thnx bro.
  6. qyhdt

    Study Techniques

    Thnx for this very helpful and informative info.
  7. qyhdt

    “Recertify” Promotion

    Thnx for the info dude.
  8. qyhdt

    What Is The Best Antivirus?

    NOD32 for me. Its very light on resources and keeps my system safe.