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  1. newtz666

    Need Help. No Power To Pc

    Yes you can use a--Multimeter--dude, and if you don't know how to use one for testing a power supplies out put voltage, and amps just go here for some information. http://mechatronics.mech.northwestern.edu/design_ref/tools/multimeter.html
  2. Winternal's Admin Pack works great. You can find the trial version in google.
  3. newtz666

    Who The Hell Is He?

    ROFLMAO reminds of Crock dial Dundy LOL
  4. newtz666

    Is Mcse Enougth?

    Hello there quentin ! I myself am a newly blessed virgin MCSA 2000. I started out four years ago in my little room with a real old home made box. I decided to start doing some reading and crap, when I discoverd I liked working with computers, so four or five years later I've been blessed with this CERT, or should I say cursed LOL. Anyways I too was very worried about getting a job with in the IT world. Well I couldn't get no job because I didn't have the experience with in the Networking real world, so here's what I did because I have a strong background in computer repair, I said heck with it I'll start my own home based business repairing computer's and their peripherals, printers faxs machine and so on so forth. You say you are living in a small town well then you must be the only real compation there when it comes to computer repairs. I'm shutting down my doors to my business and moving on to Calgary Alberta where there are ten's of thousands of MCSA's, but you have to look at it this way they're not you, and if don't just grab the meal deal by the tail now you'll never get started, so just put your hands up in the air and say "I"m ME and I can make it in this IT world." I'm 42 and this is my second career, my first one was in the welding industry as a pipe pressure welder, and that took me about 4 years of apprentiship to get my journeyman Papers for that career, but it was a long haul because I got the same darn thing when I started out "You don't have any experience" Well let me tell yah 15 years later I was making top buck at $37.50 an hour which isn't too shabby. I'm thinking I'll be doing it all over again only this time it will be with in the IT world. You have to pay your dues and I don't mean by just doing the schooling, hands on the job. Now you asked about who would you volunteer for? Well here's what I learned at school and on the net, you can check out your local health centers or even your local cable company and so on and so forth anything to do with charity. The all use networks today :-) I hope this has shind some light on it for you. Oh and by the way you can never have enough paper certs. ;-)
  5. newtz666


    I too spend most of my time working in the office and studying for my MCSA exams, so I really don't have that much free time, but I do try to pop in to the forum every now and again to see what's up. I'm sure when the schooling slows down some I'll have the time to post a few usefull posts, but we all know just how that can be a lengthy job with all the searching. Cheers I like this forum there are some level headed people in here.
  6. newtz666

    How Many PC U Have @ Your Home

    Well lets see, I have about twenty computers at home mostly older desktops ranging from P!! all the way up to P4s, AMDs and my favorit LapTop. Of course the wife and I only use two of them and the rest are parted out or used to repair incoming. I really only see the need for a home user such as myself the use of my LapTop because it can handle all my business requirnments such as mobile use, and stationary. Cheers
  7. newtz666

    Securing Windows Xp Guide

    Thank you for the share to this informative site schumacher, I'm sure there is something in there to learn from. Cheers
  8. newtz666

    Extremely Useful Websites

    Thanks very usefull links. cheers
  9. newtz666

    Top 75 Security Tools

    Thank you for sharing the link there donganram, very interesting never seen this one before myself.
  10. newtz666

    Top 75 Security Tools

    Great addition myfriend, but I had this one two years ago either way a very worth while addition to your bookmarks. Cheers dude we need a post checker and soon this is getting rediculous with the same postes over and over and over and over again even I've postes shit other people have posted. Why you ask? and that is because I love this place, but not enough to go through it with a fine tooth comb ROFLMAO. FS think about it, it would save space, and much more cheers.