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  1. Jhon

    Telnet Session

    Mark, VTY lines contains nothing more than transport input ssh telnet... so i am guesing exec time is default value. Also, when I telnet through switch I have no problem with session.. Could it be a IOS bug?
  2. Jhon

    Telnet Session

    Yes, I have tried all different telnet client's.. all have the same response
  3. Jhon

    Telnet Session

    Hi All, I have issues with Telneting into my router. I can successfully telnet into router but after a while say 2 mins, session gets hanged and then disconnected. If I try to telnet again, I can do so but session gets hanged again. This all happens when I telnet it through my PC, but when I telnet it through the connecting switch telnet session stays alive. I have check PROC and it seems to be fine. Does anyone know what could cause this? IOS version which I am using is "12.4(21)and router doesn't have any ACL on VTY lines. Need some help.. thanks!!!
  4. Wow..nice to see so many Experts comments. Let's see how we all go from here. Getting TAG is easy but proving it worth is challange. Happy Networking
  5. I guess you haven't tried searching before posting. Both of the issues has been answered before. Try to check website //blindhog.net/. It has answer to both of your question with Video tutorials.
  6. Hi Guys!!! Has anyone tried Network SIM PIX emulator?? They claim that it can be used for CCSP studies. Is that true? here is the link of what they say... hxxp://networksims.com/pix.html
  7. Jhon

    ospf summrization

    Yes, summrization in OSPF can only be done ABR & ASBR. That's why LSA3-summary can only be genrated by ABR and sent between areas..
  8. Jhon

    what do you think about this lab?

    Lethe is right, it is small for CCNP try something with 7-8 routers and you should try to include every protocol with route-map, redistribution, route-summarization let me give you a hint..DYNAMIPS.
  9. Jhon

    will there be redistribution from area0 to NSSA

    As mentioned below by default routes from NSSA will not be propgated into Back-bone we need NSSA ABR to do conversion. - NSSA area does not allow Type 4 or Type 5 LSAs. - An NSSA is an area that is seen as a stub area but can receive external routes, which it will not propagate into the backbone area and thus the rest of the OSPF domain. - Type 7 LSA, is created specifically for the NSSA. This LSA can be originated and communicated throughout the area, but it will not be propagated into other areas, including Area 0. If the information is to be propagated throughout the AS, it is translated into an LSA Type 5 at the NSSA ABR.
  10. Jhon

    (Question) Trouble Shooting router quick guides

    Interface troubleshooting documents are avial on CISCO site, where as about your problem - make sure configs at both end matches. - if yes check your link provider (Telco) and ask them to test circuit. - Check if there is a ACL which is blocking traffic - Make sure your router know how to forward routes....check Routing protocol configs - For more help post your run-configs here
  11. Jhon

    IPSEC encapsulated GRE

    This configuration will encrypted entire traffic running between the routers. I think what you should do is to route traffic which needs encryption through tunnel and other should just take the normal routing protocol path. Create ACL to do what I mentioned before as ACL is what initiate interesting traffic for tunnel. I'll try to configure the same and post you the config...till then let's scratch our mind
  12. Jhon

    Setting Up Home Lab For Ccnp

    Try search button at top as this question has been answered many time
  13. hey this is a cheer up for Mod as I am seeing much clear post under share section and have a very useful information which say links still alive You guys rocks!!!!
  14. Jhon


    Do we have any recruiters here in the forum, who really like to post jobs around?
  15. Jhon

    Ccnp Best Book Guidance Required..

    Not sure about CCNP but if you wanna leran routing then try CCIE Professional Development Routing TCP-IP Volume-I, 2nd edition. Something must read