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  1. Pawan_Bhattarai

    I want to setup small VoIP network (8 users)

    hahhaahah ... what a waste time BYE
  2. Pawan_Bhattarai

    I want to setup small VoIP network (8 users)

    no reply ...:(😢
  3. Dear friends, I want to setup VoIP in my existing network for 8 users. I have requirement of 8 VoIP phones. Please suggest the hardware and software required along with licensing. My configuration: I have a Cisco 3750-X 12 port fiber switch that connects two departments (SALES and FINANCE) with fiber. The departments are connected to Cisco 3750-X with Cisco 300 SMB switches and down to PCs. This Cisco 3750-X has also connection to the Cisco 2911 router (with universal image 15.4) for Internet and VPN purpose with one port gigabit port vacant.. I am recently activated trial of UCK9 and want to give a try...but dnt know how to start ...may be see some CBT or ask someone...i dnt know SALES PCs---------Cisco 300 SMB-------------------------Fbr---------------------------Cisco 3750-X-----------------Fbr--------------------Cisco 300 SMB---------FINANCE PCs | Cu Cisco 2911 to Internet Attachement: My Cisco 2911 config and DIAGRAM I know its easy for you...plz help.Cisco 2911.txt Cisco 2911.txt
  4. Pawan_Bhattarai

    Same IP Address Scheme for two Isolated Networks

    Use GRE Tunneling ... between DB Server Subnets
  5. Pawan_Bhattarai

    how to Implementation RSTP

    if this the only design case u have make WS-C4506-E ROOT BRIDGE of all vlans in your layer 2 network (I know must be using WS-C4506-E as a Routing Device for Vlans). by issuing the command. #spanning-tree vlan <Ur 20 Vlans one by one> priority 0
  6. Pawan_Bhattarai

    question about etherchannel

    1. will this etherchannel be establish? ...NO 2. assume SW A is root bridge for vlan 10, 20, running on Rapid-STP, how it elect which port will be in block port? (based on lowest MAC-address?)....YES Mely is right
  7. Pawan_Bhattarai

    ip prefix-list

    Used to filter Routes in/out (Used in conjuction with distribute or route map) between neighbors do not forget to put Deny any or permit any in the end (any = le 32) ip prefix-list LIST1 deny le 32
  8. Pawan_Bhattarai

    Login on to a BGP looking glass

  9. Pawan_Bhattarai

    Unable to test QoS on Windows Machine (Win7)

    Thanks no defference but router need to do two things then 1:- ACL1 permit (May be) ROUTEMAP1 match ip ACL1 Set DSCP 36 2:- Now again Classification CLASS1 match dscp 36 Ploicymap CLASS1 set bandwidth 20% This could have been done without remarking....So point is I do not want router to remark but to match ip address (that is Classification) and set bandwidth etc..(Policymap) Thats why I needed a Machine Source
  10. Pawan_Bhattarai

    I am damn confused.......:(

    Hi all, I am reading MPLS, I am confused by VPNv4 and BGP Extended Community ....included in working of normal BGP.. Is there any difference in operation of normal VPN and VPNv4...I mean whats VPNv4. Is normal VPN is VPNv3. Help me out.
  11. Pawan_Bhattarai

    Route Distinguisher/Route Target

    Hats off Dear...
  12. Pawan_Bhattarai

    what is the difference route map & prefix

    Both are used for controlling update in or out of your BGP Router. Route-Map is Father of all Filters. route-map <match-any/match-all> match.... set.... Prefix list is advanced ACL although its used in controlling updates. Prefix-list gives more bit-wise control over updates that we want to come in out. what if you have but do not want any update out/in of mask lower or greater than 24, I mean /24 can have two /25 you can control not to receive any one of /25 e.g ip prefix-list 10 permit le 32 (equivalent of ACL Permit any)
  13. Pawan_Bhattarai

    RSTP Sync

    Hi all, Unable to Understand these as stuck in HOW-:.... a) In RSTP the root bridge election is done before Sync Process. OR In RSTP the root bridge election is done during the Sync process. bb) MaxAge is used as HOP Count Like BPDU TTL, where it decrements every-time it traverse the switch. c) Sync Process is for RAPID Convergence of Ports, that is selection of Designated and Root Ports. d) Portfast feature of Legacy STP is LOOP Prone where as RSTP EdgePort is not.... e) What is TC-WHILE Timer ? Please elaborate:) Thanks
  14. Pawan_Bhattarai


    Hi all, I was reading and practicing for MST Configurations. I am in confusion with Inter-Region Communication. Till now What I got is " For letting PVST+ (in a particular domain say 2 switches) communicate to MST Regions it must not be advertising itself as a root for any VLAN. 1) But what if I am running RSTP (HP Switches) or PVRST+ in same situation along with MST. 2) and also please if anybody could explain HOW THIS WORKS.. 3) Is this true that MST only runs RSTP. Kindly share your view in numbered bullets please. Se ya Rgds
  15. Pawan_Bhattarai

    Cisco 2960 IOS Upgrade

    I was checking the Cisco SmartNET DOCs in there they write Operating System Software and Support -> "Yes, ongoing updates within the licensed feature set" Does this mean that if I have Cisco Switch with initial BASE IOS (When I'll purchase it)..they will be giving updates(above mentioned) regarding this Base IOS Only. I opted for below Hardware and Support:- Cisco Hardware :WS-C2960-24TT-L Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 + 2 1000BT LAN Base Image Cisco Support:CON-SNT-C29602TT SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 + 2 1000BT LAN Please Help.