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    Spyware Removal

    Dude, I think ur PC is infected by JokE-Bluescreen Anty spyware/TrojTibs.BDT pls confirm if ur background is showing a pic like "Spyware detected on ur computer"
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    Mcsa 2003

    congrats dude..wat was ur study materials?
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    Passed 70-290

    Good Work...
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    Am I Certified Mcsa Or Not Help Me

    u certified MCSA+messaging. Wait some more days to get ur transcript updated, if it is not already.
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    ~passed~ 70-292

    congrats dude, Welcome to the 2003 club!
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    ~passed~ 70-290 Yesterday 985~~

    Nice score, congrats
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    ~passed~ 70-298 Today I Pass 70-298, Mcse !

    Congrats man 4 ur pass. whats next?
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    Logos In Cvs

    Let me add something with this. microsoft clearly speciafied logo guidelines.But why people placing big logos and in improper places? i think the suggested place is bottom left side in resumes.
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    ~passed~ 70-270 Today ~

    Congrats dude, best of luck for ur future exams
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    ~passed~ 70-298 - 28/04/2007

    good work man! me too finished 298 exam with 956 two weeks back.and i was unable to update that news to sadhikov members. ms pressbook+ TK + forum search = my result
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    ~passed~ 70-290 Today - 985

    Congrats dude,Wishing u the best for the coming exams.
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    ~passed~ 70-294 Today

    congrats dude 4 ur pass.
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    ~passed~ 70-298 Now Mcse 2003!

    Good WOrk, what was ur study materials?
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    ~passed~ 70-298

    Good Work man, best wishes 4 ur future exams
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    ~passed~ 70-294

    congrats dude, so the exam changing fear has no meaning ..hmmm