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  1. Hi I have several Catalyst switches (combination of 3550s, 3750s and 2970s) but need some routers to practice for the CCNP Security SECURE exam and then CCIE after that. I was thinking 1800s series would be the best choice due to being an ISR and their lower cost. However can older 2600 series be used? I am thinking not as they don't support SSL VPN for one. So if I must get 1800s at a minimum, would a 1801 or 1841 be better? Considering I won't use the ADSL port of the 1801 in my lab, would it be better to have the 8 switch ports and single routed port on the 1801 or the dual routed ports of the 1841? Secondly, how many would I need as a minimum to be able to practice all the different topics. My thought is is need atleast 3 so I can do DMVPN but may I need even more? Thanks
  2. Hi I did the SNAF exam a few months ago for my CCSP and have recently picked up a IPS 4215 to do the IPS exam. The IPS only supports v6 of code and I see the exam for this version of code expires in a few months with the exam for v7 of code replacing it. As i have not used a Cisco IPS before I am not sure what differences exist between v6 and 7. Obviously there will be some new features in v7 but has the syntax and general operation of the device changed a lot? Will anything I learn on v6 be usable in v7? As there really isn't any books on either of them it has been hard for me to find this info so far. I suppose I could compare the PIX OS updates between v6, 7 and 8. The changes between PIX v6 and 7 were significant in terms of syntax but between PIX v7 and 8 they were not significant and someone using PIX v7 would be able to easily use v8. Can anyone make a comparison between the upgrade from IPS code v6 to 7 and the example I used with PIX? Thanks