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  1. HI, I was just wondering, which one is much better to take? as in the Cisco Website, there are 2 paths: For individuals using Cisco Unified Communications Manager the following path towards certification is recommended: 642-436 CVOICE 642-446 CIPT1 642-642 QoS 642-456 CIPT2 642-426 TUC For individuals using Cisco Unified CallManager the following path towards certification is recommended: 642-642 QoS 642-436 CVOICE 642-426 TUC 642-444 CIPT 4.1 642-453 GWGK I am a CCNP and am planning of renewing my CCNP by taking the CCVP course, but unfortunately,.. I am not sure which path to go,.. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you all for the guidance! regards!
  2. Steven Morse

    CCNP Recertification

    Thanks Barry, So You mean I can take only 1 P exam? I am planning to pursuing a CCVP,. so if I pass any one of the 642 exams,... i should be ok? regards!
  3. Steven Morse

    CCNP Recertification

    HI All, Just wanted to check, for me to re-certify / renew my CCNP, Do I have to take both BCSI and BCMSN ? or I can take any 642 professional exam as stated on the Cisco website? "CCNP certifications are valid for three years. To recertify, pass any 642 exam that is part of the professional level curriculum after 01/01/06, or pass a current CCIE or CCDE written exam. " Kindly help advise, Thanks!
  4. Steven Morse

    [solved] Connect 2 Cisco Router Via Wic Card

    u got a wic card,. can connect 'em back to back ie,.. routerA[serial0/0]---------v.35cable[dte/dce]-------------[serial0/1]routerB configure clocking,........do simple point to point encap,...then ur set,. :-)