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    Wep Cracking

    Well Oseahumen, i doubled checked it, and it fine: it's a 104mb zip file, in it you'll find the file: WIRELESS-WEP-WHOPPIX.avi i d/l it from a different computer and it's fine here as well. maybe you confused it with another file?
  2. xxxYxxx

    Wep Cracking

    It's here: hxxp://www.hackingdefined.com/movies/see-sec-wepcrack.zip
  3. xxxYxxx

    A Real World Problem

    Because there is currently no standard for roaming (besides the 802.11F which is only a recommendation), seamless roaming can't be assured. A possible solution is to use a singal vendor's equipment, which does assure seamless roaming. do you use different vendors equipment?
  4. xxxYxxx

    Planning To Take The Test In 15 Days Time

    Yes - Buy Them amazon.com will be a good place to start.