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  1. Thank you very much Sir. Now I will go and study each and everything you said above. It will take me some time but I will do it. Once more thank you very much. Tazio
  2. Hello to everybody, First of all my apologies if I am posting in the wrong place. I am CCNA certified but I have been out of networking Industry for 2 years. I want to get back into networking field so I did a through revision of all my notes, updated my resume and started to apply some basic entry level jobs. I got a phone call for a phone interview and then I realized that I am either not ready to go back into the networking field or there has been so much changes in the last 2 years that the standard now is too high. I got only one question for the interview but could not do good impression. I know it will be very easy for lots of people here but still I would love if someone could shade some light for me. Here is the question. Name the methods we can use to do load balancing. That is you have HOST A which need to go to HOST B and there are 2 routes to go there to HOST B. I want to know how you will do equal load balancing? How you will make data go on one link but returns on the other link? All these methods should be possible to be deployed even you are using RIP,OSPF,EIGRP and BGP. Don’t need the command but just the name of the methods or briefly how you will do it. Name the methods we can use to do load balancing. That is you have HOST A which need to go to HOST B and there are 2 routes to go there to HOST B. I want to know how you will do equal load balancing? How you will make data go on one link but returns on the other link? All these methods should be possible to be deployed even you are using RIP,OSPF,EIGRP and BGP. Don’t need the command but just the name of the methods or briefly how you will do it. Thanks in advance. Tazio
  3. Hi Martinlo, So from I understood is that you can take the CCNA Security exams even though you don't have a valid CCNA R&S but the only thing is that after you pass you will not get a paper certificate from Cisco about your CCNA Security until you pass your CCNA R&S. Is that correct ? If this is true then my next question will be although you will not have a paper certificate but if an employee wants to check your CCNA security certification will you show active on Cisco internal website ? Then last question if am not asking too much. If someone has CCIE R&S valid ( I mean the lab also) then I guess he should be able to take any CCNA and CCNP exams as he meets all the pre-requisites even for Design and Data . Is this correct? Thanks in advance. Tazio
  4. Tazio

    DOCSIS examination

    Hi, I don't know if the i should post this question here but my excuses in advance . I want to do some CISCO examinations related to DOCSIS.Can someone let me know which exams covers DOCSIS or even a non cisco exams. Thanks in advance Tazio
  5. Tazio

    Routes In Routing Table

    Hi Everybody, Everynow and then when you go through books,CDs and even classes you are told to think like a router.Finally as i am heading towards the end of my revision and will need to think about the LAB now so i wanted to give try about this great thought. Well by just going through any lab without any configuration being done i have tried to figure out ( just guessing ) what will be the routes in the routing table at the end after redistribution is being done. Each and everytime my guess gives me either 1 more route or 1 route less in all the routers as conmpared to the number of routes i do have after the configuration has been done. I know that i missing some cisco concepts here so i went again through the theory part but my guess and the actual routes in the routing table never matches. Now i am scared because each time am thiking am ready for the lab and eventually i got stuck with something new. Can anyone please help me out to have the logical thinking how to have the exact guess of the routes in the routing table after redistribution is being done or even point me to some links so that i can do some reading which could build my understanding about the routes in the routing table. Thanks gain for all your usual help. Tazio
  6. Tazio


    Hi All, I would really appreciate help on this one. I know how to do it but just wondering if there is a shortest way to have etherchannel configured on all the trunks. ------------ --------------- | | | | | SW1 |<----------------------------------> | SW2 | | | | | | |<----------------------------------->| | ------------ -------------- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ------------ ------------- | | | | | SW3 |<----------------------------------> | SW4 | | | | | | |<----------------------------------->| | ------------ ------------- I have to create etherchannels on the the trunks between the switches. I will not go through all the the trunks but i will use only trunks between SW1 and Sw2 and then SW1 and SW3. Interfaces are as follows SW1 to SW2-------->fa0/4 and fa0/5 SW1 to SW3-------->fa0/8 and fa0/9 Assuming mode should be on and trunks have already been configured. So what i did was as follows. SW1 #en #config t #int range fa0/4 - 5 #channel group 12 mode on SW1 #en #config t #int range fa0/8 - 9 #channel group 13 mode on I have created ethercannel for trunks from SW1 to SW2 and from SW1 to SW3 I just wanted to know if i can do it in one config instead of 2 #en #config t #int range fa0/4 - 5, fa0/8 - 9 #channel group XX mode on. Thnaks Tazio
  7. Tazio


    Sorry my mistake.I was completely out of track.My question should have been can i bundle disimilar interfaces for L2/L3 etherchannel. Thanks Tazio
  8. Tazio


    Hi All, I am just going through my multilink theory and just wanted to get it clear.I want to know if we have 2 links to bundle together to make one multilink and one is fastethernet and the other is gigaethernet ,can we just bundle then together or we need to adjust bandwidth or something else. If we can do it straight forward ,then will there be load balancing by default. Thanks in advance for your replies. Tazio
  9. Tazio

    Access List

    Hi friends, I have one question which i am trying to figure out but could not get that deep to understand how to do it although i have read lots of documents related to my problem. I have 2 routers connected together let say R1 and R2. Router 2 have 8 loopbacks as follows. I know usually loopbacks are /32 but the question is set as /24. The question is that R1 should see only the ODD routes from R2 and the access list should be only 1 line. Can anyone please help me to figure this out. Where to configure the access list and how and if possible any related documention to this issue so that i can read. Thanks once more Tazio
  10. Tazio

    Dual Boot

    Hi, I have bought an Acer Labtop since 2 months and I have been struggling with that Labtop since 2 months. The Labtop came with pre-installed Vista as OS. Since the Labtop does not have serial port , and I needed the serial port to console in my routers at home ,so I bought a USB to serial converter.As I plugged it in the labtop ,it was detected and I have been able to console into my router but the session keeps on freezing every 1 mins. I called Acer and I was told to reload the OS from the backup CD which I did but this did not help. I called the supplier of the USB to serial and I was told there is no issue with that converter but they are not sure if it works with Vista. I tried the cable with my PC with XP ,it worked fine which means there is no issue with the cable. Now the only solution is to install another OS on the labtop and configure dual boot.. I shrink the disk size and recreated another partion. When I tried to book the labtop on the XP CD ,I have the following error with a blue screen after some mins of install going on. I have enough space for the install. Below is the error message in a blue screen. Can anyone help me how to proceed or what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance ******************************************************************************** ** A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,restart your computer.If this screen appears again, follow the steps: Check to be sure that you hace adequate disk space.If a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates.Try changing video adapters. Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updateds. Disadle BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable the components, restart your computer,Press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select safe mode. Technical information: ***STOP:0x0000007E (0XC0000005,0XF76130BF,0XF7A5F208,0XF7A5EF08) *** pci.sys - Address F76130BF base at F760C000, Datestamp 3b7d855c
  11. Tazio

    Usb To Serial Using Vista

    Hi Kush, Thanks for your reply.I tried that but the driver provided doesnot ride on vista. Thanks Tazio
  12. Tazio

    Usb To Serial Using Vista

    Hello to everybody, I will appreciate some help and some input if possible. I just bought a labtop with Windows Vista.In the labtop there is no serial port.So obviously to connect to my routers i bought a USB to serial converter.I got a driver with that too but i did not installed it as Vista detected the USB to serial when i plugged in. My problem is that when i connect to my router using the console cable it works fine for couple of mins only.Each time the Typerterminal or Secure CRT session freezes and i have to start a new one. Also if i want to swap the cable from the console port of 1 router to another router the session freezes. I tried the same cable with my desktop with XP and it works fine. Any clue ,help will be much appreciated. Thanks Tazio
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    Thanks a lot
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    Just wanted to know if we do have any sort of simulation in this exam. Regards Tazio
  15. Tazio


    Hi, Am using some 20 applications everyday for diferrent use.All the applications have a shortcut on my desktop.I need to login with a username and then a password.The password keeps on changing every 2 weeks.So this gives me a hrad time to log into the application everyday.I have created a notepad file in which i have all the passwords for the application but each time i need to open that file and go through the list to pick up the password.Is there any macro or small program that will help me with thsi.I have seen my friend just clicking on a link and the the application is open ...it picks up the username and password from the file and plugs it into the right place and execute the application. Is there anyone who can help me Tazio