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  1. n00b13

    Advice on the CCIE material

    NO WAY. If you talk of respect, anyone who cheats by using dumps for their lab or for anything else disrespects me, the certification and every other CCIE who has worked their arse off to legitimately get their digits. This level of disrespect strikes directly through the heart of the technical and certification process and if FAR more disrespectful than any stupid four letter word than someone can call him.
  2. n00b13

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Add about 5+ to both of these and would be a good place to start. If you dont, expect numerous attempts. I personally added approximately 10 to both of these figures before I started my studies in earnest and passed on the first attempt.. I also wanted to be a CCIE when I was 21 but in all but exceptional cases it wont happen. It isnt what you want to hear I know but it is reality. Yes, indeed some people get their CCIE at 19 with no experience but that is a rarity. All the best!
  3. n00b13

    Advice on the CCIE material

    Hahaha nice one.
  4. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    2GHz you are pushing it I'm afraid to say. The setup I mentioned previously was with linux and a full IPExpert topology. Having said that you should be able to get it happening ok with the right idle-pc values set (read appropriate docs for this). My box runs at 50-90% CPU with 2.66GHz Core2Duo depending on whats happening - most CPU activity occurs during bootup of each router. You may need to stagger your device booting or something similar. One thing is for sure is you need more RAM Curiously I have found that the 7200s use less resources than a "lesser" router. Probably sue to architecture reasons. I am not a hardware engineer or a developer so the extent of my care factor as to why ends there, I just know this is what happens. Dont even think about using windows.
  5. n00b13

    Operation BIG BOSS

    This is the reason as to why my (and many others Im sure) SP studies are on hold. I am looking forward to having semi-normalised sleep cycles once again!
  6. n00b13

    360 .... Cisco business

    So with the 360 you just get the same material again? This happened to you? If you arent sure what to write think, "What would n00b13 say?" and just write that...
  7. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    I'll be using mint as my next one if I need to... Ive got my ubuntu working ok so I wont put mint on unless I need to refromat.
  8. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    I'm not a linux guru. Go to the ubuntu website and follow the instructions. You'll have your box configured and running in the time intakes a WinXP box to reboot.
  9. n00b13

    CCIE Emeritus

    Ummm I was being serious actually. haha
  10. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    Ooops... didnt specify Linux. I meant to. Dont waste your time trying on Windows. Its too hard and needs too much hardware when a linux box can do it better for much cheaper. You dont need to know much at all about linux to get it working either.
  11. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    Reasonable CPU and >4GB RAM I have. 2-3 year old box with. Core2Duo 2.66(??)GHz CPU and 4GB RAM.
  12. n00b13

    Ready for LAB?

    No... he said "meet a few engineers around the traps" before thinking that CCIE makes someone some sort of guru by default.
  13. n00b13

    CCIE Emeritus

    Id do it to save the hassle of recerts if I had the time behind me... Although I think the single biggest benefit of CCIE besides the wank factor associated with it is high priority TAC access.
  14. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    Gday, Yes I am a CCIE R&S. I used dynamips/GNS3 for absolutely everything and used Narbik's workbooks and bootcamps for the training. The Switching stuff I practised on some work/client hardware in between projects when they were not in use and for the labs in the workbooks which required a full topology I used routers with an NM-16ESW in it. This has reduced features from a real switch but can do L3 as well as the normal trunking etc. It wont do any fancy spanning-tree stuff so go back to your work lab for that. So do all the "generic" L2 stuff on the GNS3 "switches" so the lab can function but the advanced features such as port security practice on your real kit. Something like port-security not being configured will of course have no bearing on your OSPF or MPLS later down the track. If you have 9 years cisco experience and you have the time now to put towards the study then March is a realistic goal IMO. Time to study is the hardest bit for you from now on. Bearing in mind I have never met you before and have NFI about you except what you have mentioned here but it certainly seems to me you are well equipped to do well with this thing
  15. n00b13

    Equipment/Workbooks to use for CCIE R&S lab

    Hi Chickie, You are right, lab is a far better way to pick things up rather than reading. Its like driving a car. Do you learn to drive by reading a book or getting behind the wheel? As for the lab hardware, 90% of the time its ok if your IOS supports the same feature set, but some features are hardware specific, but most in R&S are ok.. Ie 2600XM you can do almost as much as a 2800. Most of the time. Either way if you can figure it out on a 2600 you can figure it out on a 3800 later. The switching is different though - the 6500 does a hell of a lot more than a lesser switch and the commands are quite different from a 3560 or a 3750. As for your 3524, that is an L2 switch and lacks many features required, but will do for all your L2 stuff such as trunking and spanning-tree. I have never seen the IPExpert R&S product so I cant comment on it. They have an active email list where the instructors who write the labs answer queries rather quickly. I think that is a good thing. How much experience do you have? I am guessing if your toybox has a 6500 then you are not some MCSE who wants a CCIE in 3 months and cant spell "conf t"