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  1. You can find at : hxxp://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/filter_results.aspx?strTypes=all&ProductID=2248&OSFullName=Windows+Server*+2003〈=eng&strOSs=84&submit=Go%21#UTL an intel proset software to configure dual-NIC for teaming.
  2. Use for example : hxxp://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/products/pro1000pt_dualport_server_adapter.htm
  3. b_d

    ~passed~ 70-298

    Maybe not ! They have same Questions and they used same TK )
  4. b_d

    Virus Problem

    Seems to be a DNS problem.Strange is that only a few PC are affected ! Any other details about your network ?
  5. b_d

    Best Proxy

    ISA 2004 on Windows & Squid on Linux
  6. b_d

    Which Is Better Sap Or Oracle

    If you compare SAP and oracle as ERP programs there is no doubt : SAP !
  7. Also think solarwinds is a good tool. Can try also observer or tcpdump.
  8. b_d

    Error In 2000 Os

    Think one system file is corrupted.Why ? Dont know Fast solution : radical ! Reinstall windows or use an image of PC.Hope in this environmet IT specialist like it.
  9. b_d

    Legato Product

    Nice info . So i understand you use networker for backup? How it works ?
  10. You could also configure VLAn's using manageble switches ( Cisco, 3com ...) It' s, very usefull when you want use "separate" LAn on same network infrastructure.
  11. I think this is not possible.Anyway if there is one trick ( i doubt) your logon will be recorded on DC ( if use net user) or locally on logon events.So be aware ...
  12. If i supose well , you dont wana to see next who is coming to log in 0 and was log on before you) that you were log on while this time ?( clear your track ?)
  13. b_d


    I think you are not so lucky ! There is no settings in registry or other place to move hyberfil.sys location from %systemroot%.
  14. b_d

    Tv Monitor

    @skukade what converter you mean ?
  15. Try FREE ! PsTools from sysinternals ( PsExec is what you looking for )