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  1. Vinom

    Wireless Speed Issue

    Hi Guys I want to post a problem that we are having here. We have a Psion G2 Scanner as wireless endpoint and WLC with ACS authentication. We an issue of speed of the transaction carried out by the application in the Psion Scanner which takes around 12-14 sec, which usually occurs around 1-2 secs. We had tested tracert from the scanner to the application server itself and it seems to be in the region of milliseconds. Also the SSID is not broadcasted and uses WPA. One thing is that when using the DHCP its slow but when the same DHCP acquired address is statically configured then it is fast. Is it anything to do with the DHCP snooping in the WLC or anything else? If anyone can throw their thoughts in this, its highly appreciated. Thanks Vin
  2. Vinom


    Hi friends I need a simple support to guide me through the preparation of CCIE ... Firstly I am CCNP and CCVP... I am working in Cisco IPT... I want to know which one is better for me CCIE R&S or CCIE Voice.What I thought was that R&S is the basics in the converged network and Voice running on top of it. Also can you advise the very first books to read through. As I wanted to start preparing for the lab straigthaway and take my written while i am comfortable. What I think is that the theory part vanishes away if I start my lab preparation with real lab guides. I want to know the lab guides that can start me throught right fro the basics configration and till the advanced ones. I would greatly appreciate your valued feedback and comments in this. Thanks Vinom
  3. Vinom

    Fwd calls to Work Voicemail

    Cant u set the max calls field to 1 and then set the progressive calls to voicemail...?? Vinom
  4. Vinom

    642-453 GWGK

    Thanks a lot for ur reply... Got it at the end... Regards Vinom
  5. Vinom

    Call Routing

    If you can shaer the solution then it could benefit others as well... Thanks Vinom
  6. Vinom

    642-453 GWGK

    Hi Thanks very much for ur reply ... What I want was take ISDN and I have 30 channels then I would send 30 simultaneous calls through it... there's no prob in it... But I just want to know 1)if each employee would get the CLI separately and can take incoming calls directly from outside? 2) If so then do we need to buy the whole number range from the provider? 3) What if we get a singe number n then we internally redirect using PBX or reception ? In tis case is it ok to have a single number for the whole company? Forgive me if my questions are very basic .... Thanks Vinom
  7. Hi I am going to take my Cisco GWGK exam this saturday. I had prepared using the Cisco Student Guide. I had already downloaded some exam dumps for my lastmintue preparation but want to know the exact version that i should use(the latest). If anyone has taken the exam recently and if they had any questions they would like to discuss then they are welcome. Also i got another simple question regarding getting DDI numbers for a company. If a company has 1000 employees how many Analog lines do they need if all the guys inside need the DDI number? I was under the impression that the PBX does the switching and you just need to get one analog line from the provider. But,suppose, if you need say a extn 02089994132 to be called directly from outside u can still call if u get the DDI number 02089994000 from the provider. So in this case is the whole of the 4xxx series is reserved for the company and that range is not given to others? Please reply if u understand the question or ask more questions so that I can make u understand. Thanks Vinom
  8. Vinom


    I think this was more useful reply ... Many thanks .. I shall do the same... Vinom
  9. Vinom


    Hi I would always do my search before I post something in the forum.... Please try to be more helpful if you can.... Thanks Vinom
  10. Vinom


    Hi I want to know about the GWGK exam. Anyone who took the exam after Aug 1st ? Please tell me whether the questions came from the P4S or there was any extra questions as well... ? Thanks Vinom
  11. Vinom

    Ccvp Lab

    Hi all I am trying to setup a lab to study for my ccvp. I had looked into all possible things and there are 2 options left for me ... 1. Setting up a lab physically --- but the cost involved and the space that it takes and its not flexible if I move around houses.... 2. Setting up the VMWare lab --- this is better option considering the fact that i need only a good hard disk and good RAM.... I sincerely want to start to setup this in one way or other... Can anyone out there who had already setup this please provide me proper guidance so that I could carry on my studies with these labs ? Your guidance is much appreciated. Thanks Vinom