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  1. Hi, We have enabled the dhcp in Router and given the DHCP exclude range from X.X.7.1 to X.X.7.100 but it is not getting applied in the network. all the hostes are getting the IP from exclude range only. network is having 2 VRF link's both are terminated in layer two switch and it is extended to router interface and again from router to Switch for LAN the below two vrf vrf sales and vrf business. here vrf sales lan pool IP subnet is changed from X.X.5.0 to X.X.7.0 Please find the below dhcp pool config ip dhcp use vrf connected ip dhcp excluded-address X.X.7.1 to X.X.7.100 ! IP dhcp pool sales vrf sales network X.X.7.0 dns-server X.X.X.X default-router X.X.7.1 lease 2 Kindly any one please help me to resolve the DHCP Exclude range. Thanks Veeraragavan B
  2. Hi, In our Organization We have to migrate from xp prof to Windows7 Prof, Presently i have Customised Windows7 image on my bootable USB.fot that i have to set the password for this bootable USB. While Booting from USB it shuld ask Authentication password. after giving the password it shuld start the Installation. Please help on this. Thanks and regards Veeraragavan B
  3. Hi all, Cisco Meeting Place - mplace - is not opening in windows 7 operating system. Details: OS - Win 7 Prof JRE - Jre6Update 27 IE Version - IE8 Windows Updated. but still i am getting the message "Operating System not Supported(Win NT) While doing the Browser test in Mplace. any one can help on this. Thanks Veeraragavan B
  4. Hi to all, Any one can help me on creating msi file for VLC 1.1.8.exe. first i have to Uninstall Older Version then install the new version popup shuld no apper to client ststem, everything should happen silently. how to make the msi script for this. Thanks Veeraragavan B
  5. Hi, In windows 7 where is the netmeeting. Please help me on this. Regards Veeraragavan B
  6. Hi, i was having the same issue in win-xp-sp3 with ie6. then runned Sysclean using trend micro tool called Sysclean with latest pattern file. then downloaded the IE 8 and installed. Now internet it is working fine in that system. Veera
  7. Hi FYI By Veeraragavan
  8. Hi to all, how to give the proxy settings for datacard through VPN Users. but users should not change the settings.(xp sp3 under Domain). Please help me on this Advance Thanks Regards .... Veeraragavan
  9. Hi to all, Resolved this issue like this Open a excel Sheet then Tools--> Options--> General--> Ignore Other Application and R1C1 refrence Style ( Uncheck the Boath the Options) it works Thanks and Regards Veeraragavan B
  10. Hi to all, whenever i am opening a Saved Excel Sheet it is not opening the with the content. Again i have to go to File --> Open--> then select the particular file then only that file getting opening. OD Windows XP Prof SP3, MS Office 2003 with SP3 with all the patchs updated up to date. Thanks and Regards Veeraragavan B
  11. hi all, in our company we are using some standard applications for that need to create a silent installation script any one can help on this? Regards ..... Ragavan
  12. Hi Guys, got the solution for Checkpoint VPN secure client installation in Dell Latitude E 5400 Dell Latitude E 5400 comes with preloaded XP with sp3. I have reinstalled the OS with XP SP2 cd then installed the Secure Client then Windows updated from SP2 to SP3. Now it is working fine. Please any one knows to let me know the answer without reloading the OS any solutions thakns and regards Veeraragavan B
  13. it is working with xp sp3 but only it is not working in Dell Latitude E5400 laptop.
  14. yeah i did that. but still the same prob.
  15. Hi guys, in our company we are 500 users. all of them needs to be install a leatest version of winzip. all the systems Win XP SP3, and User profile no administrative to install using script. please anyone help me on this thanks and Regards Veeraragavan B