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  1. DarkFiber

    CCIE SP Tech. Summary

    sorry for that guys.....English is not my 1st language Jonathan...I'm Egyptian
  2. DarkFiber


    Totally Agree with you man Good luck
  3. for any chatting about CCIE, kindly ping me on msn, i work in cisco now so ofcorse i wont break any NDAs


  4. Hats off Sir.........I am prevaleged to write to you.

    I see CCIEs and I feel very respect for them....I also dream to become one...any tips

    With Thanks and Regards

    Pawan Bhattarai


  5. DarkFiber

    CCIE SP Tech. Summary

    No worries guys, We are all brothers living in the same home (Sadikhov.com) If you have any questions, kindly post it, and i will be happy to assist
  6. DarkFiber


    Hello, kindly find my reply above in bold-black
  7. DarkFiber


    Dears, kindly be advised that AD is locally generated, it can also be edited, BUT AD value is NEVER sent in any fields in the routing updates.
  8. DarkFiber

    CCIP Notes

    Thanks allot
  9. welcome back,can i add you to the msn,

    you will find my mail starts with Leito.

    hope to see u soon.

  10. DarkFiber

    Happy Wedding DAY FS(Admin)

  11. DarkFiber

    CCIP Notes

    Dear All I have attached my CCIP(MPLS) notes, the one i used to refresh my mind with technologies including summary/tips & Also provide it to my students. Starting from ip-cef, ATM passing by MPLS, IGP-BGP for L3VPNs,Internet VPN & TE Wish it will be helpful for you all. And this thread is opened for any questions you have regarding any technology related to CCIP. Wish you all best luck. CCIP MPLS Notes.pdf
  12. DarkFiber

    CCIE SP Tech. Summary

  13. DarkFiber

    CCIE SP Tech. Summary

    Thanks pal, this is just the beginning, i will do some interesting posts in CCIP section
  14. DarkFiber

    CCIE SP Tech. Summary

    Good, waiting your feedback, hope not to find allot of typo's lool