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  1. kwt_vivek

    Virus problem - WORM_KLEZ.E

    In Kaspersky, Symentac Anti virus scan result shows "0" virus, on that computers. ohhh shitt... by this virus, unable to go into SAFEMODE or related any. Or have anyone WORM_KLEZ.E virus removal tool ?
  2. On early before infection with virus, our developed application's exe file was running properly. after the infected with virus ( WORM_KLEZ.E ..or some other ?), When I click the few of exe files, It show some error messeage ..such as " The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b). Click on OK to terminate the application." I tried with tool from Symentac's " FixKlez". Result is 0. Hell of this virus, preventing to excute some of the exe files. Have any one idea in fixing this issue ?
  3. kwt_vivek

    IT POlicy through the Domain

    Really I 'm very eager to know succesfull results of this topic
  4. kwt_vivek

    show hidden files

    Think your machine has infected with amvo.exe or related mvo.exe, amvo0.dll ... It 'll prevent to view the hidden files Virus Removal Tips: ==================== amvo.exe on safemode: cmd- c:/windows/system32> del amvo.exe it 'll be stored in 3 places in Registry Editor 0r HKEY-Local-Machine-\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\ShowAll double click Checked Value = change from 0 to 1. open folder options, choose show hidden files remove Autorun.inf and amvo.exe from C: remove c:\windows\system32\amvo.exe and C:\windows\system32\amvo1.dll remove c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\program\startup\ remove amvo.exe or cmd.exe and type c:\del amvo.exe /f/a c:\del autorun.inf /f/a c:\windows\system32\ del amvo.exe /f/a do this for all drives change drives for custom windows installations in your partitioned drives ------- chill out now -----
  5. kwt_vivek

    Backup operation

    Use free of Windows service "Ntbackup". 1) Full Backup: All files that match your selection are included into the backup. and choose 2) Incremental backup: Only those files will be included which have been changed since the last backup. ------ vivek ---------
  6. If be RIS server, It's possible to restore the previous OS's image file from RIS thru network. is it this one Talent_PK?
  7. kwt_vivek

    Hiding Your Shared Folders

    Ohh... It s one of hole in LAN security. By this, all of LAN users can access all source. To prevent this, Anyone have idea how to avoid this, If any try to access the unshared folder... ?
  8. Thanks .. there is nothing fully info and waiting for reply of Gurusmaran posted on that forum and from Sadikhovians
  9. Hi guys, On a network, have a webserver and domain. On the IIS server, some of the s/w developers need to work within that. So, how can I assign the previleges to that users to work with only IIS server ? and give the different rights ? Expecting your valuable ideas
  10. kwt_vivek

    Error At Gns3

    Nothing use and got error as failure n starting the dynamips..
  11. Hi friends, I 'm very eager to use GNS3 and as mentioned the steps at hxxp://www. MODERATED.com/file/49299016/8d80d1d8/basicgns3setup.html i done it properly. But I couldnt start the Cisco IOS c2600 and something others too and while I drog the router logo into working base, I received the error as " Cant start Dynamips on 7200 " how to salve this ? -------- vivek --------
  12. Which did you install first XP or 2003? The easiest thing to do is go to MSConfig, and add the D:/ manually in the Boot.ini. On C:/ Windows XP D:/ Windows server 2003. Are u saying without trying this ?or just in your assumption ? After reinstall the XP at C:partition, i couldnt view the dual boot option and enter into D:/win2K3 . But i added the parameter in C:/boot.ini and D:/boot.ini manually as u idea. Same problem and couldnt find why it doesnot display the dual boot option
  13. Haii seniors, For my view, never chance who rectify that prob. Actually from this topic, let me know anyone with try as ' by installing C:/XP and D:/win server 2003. After then, just reinstall the XP at C:/ paritition and check while booting, is there avail dual boot option (boot.ini) for win server 2003 with XP or not ? I tried many times and unable to view/go the win server 2003.
  14. Hey , Tottaly I 'm getting confussions n his Q and replies of all. By default, primary partition should be lower version OS and higher version OS 'll be on secondaries partitions. Am i right ? But, Mr.dhaval had done descending on this. Then how it s possible to access the boot.ini file ? However I also faced this same problem.. as ' in C:/ XP & D:/win server 2003". On this, if tried to reinstall the XP, after finish i couldnt see the win 2003 OS dual boot option and unable to reset this issue, evenif i manually i changed the boot.ini parameter as Mr.bluefin given the idea. see my previous posted topic : http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116882&hl=boot\.ini