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  1. bdrake

    CD drive not working in exsi

    ESXi doesn't recognize IDE devices, either hard drives or CD/DVD drives. However, it will recognize a USB external drive; that's what i use for installation on all my ESXi machines. Hard drives can be SCSI, SATA, or SAS. -- Barry
  2. bdrake

    My Cisco Study Notes

    YapChinHoong, thank you for making your hard work available to us. In an epic fail, I let my certs expire last year (due to being insanely busy with a startup company). Since I first got my CCNA about 7 years ago, I'm taking this opportunity to update my knowledge with the changes since then. I'm looking forward to reading your guide cover to cover. -- Barry, ex-CCNP, ex-CCDP
  3. Please note that the quick and the dead was here. Majorly not so quick .. haha

  4. bdrake

    Mapped share drive causing lock up.

    Do you have a local server that you can map to instead? Then you could use FRS to replicate with the remote share when the VPN is up, eliminating the need to map to a remote share. --Barry
  5. bdrake

    How much Network Experience do you have?

    A61971, I'll make you feel young again. My first professional programming was in 1982, and I've continued in one capacity or another until now, so I'm coming up on 27 years. I got my Enterprise CNE in 1996 (which then became the Master CNE, which is now retired). I've been working with Cisco gear for about 7 years. I feel almost ready to start on the CCIE. --Barry
  6. bdrake

    Printing options for branch offices

    If you're willing to "roll your own", you can set up a print server with a cheap PC, running Linux, CUPS, and Samba. You can manage the printers remotely via SSH (command line) or via remote X-Windows (GUI, but a little more complicated to set up). Total hardware outlay for 9 offices should be less than $3,000 (at $300 per office). If you're not familiar with Linux, there will be a learning curve involved. This is a fairly simple application, so you can use any distribution of Linux to accomplish it. --Barry
  7. bdrake

    Reading Problem

    I have the same problem. When I'm using the PC, I tend to switch between different applications, checking my e-mail (and Sadikhov!) often, so I don't get long periods of reading done on the computer. I also find it harder to concentrate on one thing. One technique you can use to aid your concentration is to take notes. As you are reading, write down notes on a piece of paper, organizing the information so that you could go back to your notes later and study from that. For me, just the act of taking notes helps me learn the material better, even if I don't go back and look at the notes later! --Barry
  8. bdrake

    2511-RJ Access server connectivity problem

    What is the IP address of the other NIC in the PC? If it also starts with 10.x.x.x, then you will need to change your subnet mask (because the PC may be getting confused as to which interface to use). Here is the configuration from one of my 2511's. Hope it helps! (I changed the passwords, of course.) --Barry Hydra1#sh run Building configuration... Current configuration: ! version 11.2 no service udp-small-servers no service tcp-small-servers ! hostname Hydra1 ! enable secret 5 $1$Sd.b$blahblahblah ! interface Loopback0 ip address ! interface Ethernet0 ip address ! interface Serial0 ip address bandwidth 1544 no fair-queue ! interface Serial1 no ip address bandwidth 1544000 shutdown ! router rip network network ! no ip classless ip route ! line con 0 password blahblahblah login line 1 16 password lab login modem InOut transport input all stopbits 1 flowcontrol hardware line aux 0 password blahblahblah login line vty 0 4 exec-timeout 0 0 password blahblahblah login ! end
  9. bdrake

    Help Solve ROUTING Problem with EIGRP

    Are Hello packets being sent and received? If you give the command sh ip eigrp traffic repeatedly, are the Hellos Sent/Received counters incrementing every few seconds? --Barry
  10. bdrake

    user administration

    grep username /etc/group | cut -f 1 -d : (replace username with the one you want to find groups for) That will give you the list of groups, one per line. --Barry
  11. bdrake

    ip helper address

    Do you have routes installed so that the DHCP server knows how to get back to the network? Can you ping the DHCP server from R1? --Barry
  12. bdrake

    HP Prolaint ML 350 Hard Drive Replacement

    Step 1: Obtain a replacement drive. Step 2: Backup your server. Step 3: Verify that the backup worked! Step 4: Yank out the failing drive. Step 5: Insert the replacement drive. Step 6: Wait for the array to automatically rebuild. Step 7: There is no step 7. --Barry
  13. bdrake

    How many Virtual servers ?

    On the production box, I have a couple of Windows domain controllers and a Sharepoint server. I'm in the process of developing a web server on OpenSUSE 11.1, which will be moved into production soon. After that, I'm setting up an Exchange 2007 cluster to replace my current, dedicated Exchange 2003 server. I'm also experimenting with a high availability setup, using four machines: 2 running DRBD and iscsitarget, acting as the disk repository for the VM images. 2 running Xen, heartbeat/pacemaker, and the iscsi initiator to run the VMs. --Barry
  14. bdrake

    Extended Access List Question

    Think about it in binary: .8 = 00001000, which masks the 4th bit from the end only .7 = 00000111, which masks the last 3 bits, i.e. 30-32 Subnets, masks, etc., are much easier to understand if you do the math in binary. --Barry
  15. bdrake

    Need Help for Blocking download

    The only way to effectively accomplish this with out adding hardware is to have your boss set policy and enforce it. If somebody gets fired, that will curtail the activity pretty well. --Barry