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  1. badd_guyy

    Upload and Download Internet Speed Metrics

    Damm the ndt link looks pretty accurate on my home connection. wuld try it out when i get to the office and see how it flares out. How about the reason why web pages still dont open at blazing speeds even with high speed internet connections?
  2. badd_guyy

    Upload and Download Internet Speed Metrics

    On a second taught could the type of connection have something to do with this? i.e residential connections typically use cable/dsl/wireless and business use VPNs. Just thinking.
  3. a little bit confused on the way download and upload speed are determined ant the metrics behind them. Using www.speedtest.net My office shows a DOWN of ~88 and an UP of ~25. At home i get DOWN ~10 and UP ~2 (all Mb/s) Problem is I really dont see any difference when I am browsing web pages. One would expect that with that kind of difference there would be a significant difference when browsing, like seriously click and open. But really I dont see any. Any one care to explain why this is so? Does it have anything to do with web pages?
  4. Does the 'ip routing" command work in gns3 for switches? I have checked the features not available in gns3 for switching and it seems to have ip routing. however when i enter the ip routing command i do not see it in the running config. Any clues?
  5. badd_guyy

    Can not ping ISP IP address given to me

    Ok how come I can ping the WAN default gateway (76.106.60.xxx) but not the Intenet IP address (76.106.62.xxx). I can even ping the DNS servers. Internet IP Address: 76.106.62.xxx Subnet Mask: 255.255.252.xxx Default Gateway: 76.106.60.xxx DNS: 68.87.73.xxx 68.87.71.xxx
  6. badd_guyy

    Can not ping ISP IP address given to me

    Do ISPs deny ICMP or why is that I cant ping my IP address (public ip from isp) but yet I can connect to my computer over the internet using Remote Desktop
  7. Thanks, appreciate it
  8. I will also need a rollover (DB9 - rj45) cable that connects to the serial to usb else there will be no place to plug in the serial end after connecting the usb end to the laptop. AS the current rollover cable I have is rj45-rj45. Is this correct
  9. Does this mean the rj45-rj45 rollover cable can not connect to a laptop directly with out a serial end? my laptop does not have a 9pin serial port. it has a 15pin serial
  10. Is it possible to use the rollover cable below to connect to a laptop? Note it is a rollover (rj45 - rj45). I tried connecting but i get the error saying Unable to open serial port COM1: and I have tried using other ports besides COM1. http://www.cablesandkits.com/cisco-blue-rj45-rj45-rollover-console-cable-72125901-pi-719.html?image=0 Please can some one put me through what to do. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, Does anyone know how processor intensive gns is on linux environments as compared to windows. I assume it is but which is worse? thanks
  12. badd_guyy

    IP Multicast

    Hi can you take a look at this post pls. h**p://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=172130 i am trying to find an easy way to chk if a network is capable of sending multicast traffic
  13. badd_guyy

    check for multicast capability

    Besides VLC what else can I use to perform this test? I came across a site that said i should do a ping to and chk if i get a reply. Any other ideas?
  14. badd_guyy

    check for multicast capability

    please what is an easy way to check that multi cast works on your devices (routers, switches, firewalls etc) or on your network (across a vpn connection, point to point link e.t.c i.e i want to ensure my network is capable of performing multicast traffic tnx
  15. badd_guyy

    Master degree

    Personally i think if u have a CCIE and you do not have a job then you have probably not been doing ur search properly. (not trying to be rude) For the masters degree it is definitely a good idea and if you are looking to continue your Cisco career then i will suggest these: Ryerson University Canada: Msc/MEng Computer Networks Cost approx $25 (Canadian dollars) My top choice for a Cisco career. School has a Cisco lab and produce lots of CCIES University of Colorado Boulder: Msc. Telecommunications. Cost approx $35k Reasonably good with computer networks University of Alberta, Canada: Msc. Internetworking Cost approx $25k Also good with networking You prob want to search for schools with telecommunications, Good luck with your search