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    Failed CCIE Wireless last week

    I am going in 1.5 months in San Jose. What is your e-mail address? I have two WLAN controller I can send your way. I built my own lab with 5 (5508 Wlan Controller). I have two 4402 that is sitting around let me know if you need them. Yes I will send you them for free.
  2. Yesterday I passed CCIE Wireless Written exam. One of the hardest Cisco test I have taken yet. By the way, I just made the pass mark. I though I failed because the exam was very tricky. I am waiting on IPEXPERT to complete their CCIE Wireless Lab workbook video then I will use their wireless rack rental for studying the lab. Does anyone knows of a very good bootcamp other than IPEXPERT for the CCIE Wireless lab that is effective?
  3. datkin1969

    Looking for CCIE R&S LAB Partner (Mid Sept)

    Hey Climaco, You will pass the next time around. Do you have some kind of instant messenger id? Goodluck next time...
  4. datkin1969

    CCIER&S Written Passed

    Finally, after almost 18 months of frustration I passed the CCIE R&S Written today. Materials used: Internetwork Expert R&S Video on Demand CCIE R&R Exam Certification Guide Third Edition CCIE RS Quick Reference Sheets CCNP Quick Reference quide BSCI Quick Reference Quide ISCW Quick Reference Quide ONT Quick Reference Quide BSCI Quick Reference Quide BCMSM Quick Reference Quide Online Cisco Documentation Website Tomorrow I will register for CCIE Lab date in September or October, but before New CCIE Lab V4 comes out. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK SADIKHOV FORUM AND ALL YOU GUYS GUIDANCE! I will keep you guys updated as I practise full time for the lab. Again thanks....
  5. datkin1969

    Passed CCNP

    What have you completed in your CCNP so far?
  6. datkin1969

    Passed CCNP

    Keep studying and you will reach CCIE level. Remember not to give up when the journed gets tough. Just keep pushing. I had to push through a fews times, but I make it so far to written. The lab will be even harder, but I am mentally ready for the battle.
  7. datkin1969

    Passed CCNP

    Today I passed the final exam to be qualified for CCNP title. Thabnks to Sadikhov forum that made this posssible. Here is the journey record: CCNA I took 2 times Composite I took 3 times ISCW I took 2 times ONT I took 2 times. Study materials: Cisco Press Books Narbik from CCNP to CCIE Workbook ...... 30 labs for Composite ...... 15 labs for ISCW ...... 15 labs for ONT These labs gave me a deeper understanding of the technology(RIP V2, EIGRP,OSFP, BGP, MPLS basics, etc) I did not watch any videos because I like to figure stuffs out by myself even though it was time consuming. I am studying for the CCIE R&S written and I brought the following equipments: My CCIER&S Lab equipments: Switches: 2 3560 2 3550 Routers: 1 3725 2 3640 1 2651XM 3 2621XM 1 2621 1 2611XM 1 2522(FR) 1 2511(RAS) And I am using Narbik and IPexpert workbooks for the CCIE R&S journey. I will keep you guys updated. later......
  8. datkin1969

    Problem with Cisco ACS 4.0 Authorization

    Can you send me webpage or link to download ACS 4.0? email: catkin1969@yahoo.om Thanks in advance.
  9. datkin1969


    Hi... It took me 4 months of at least 6-9 hrs per day of studying for this exam. The first time I failed I got 579, then the second time I failed I got 509. At that point I was thinking of giving up, but my wife pushed me on. I use GNS3 to prcatise all the lab examples in the BSCI (Authorized Self Study Guide) book and I got 30 labs examples from a friend to practise with. What helped me a lot was the following: CCNP reference guide Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) (Authorized Self-Study Guide), 3rd Edition Online Documentation CD from Cisco GNS3 for practising the lab examples in the book and the 30 labs I got from a friend. Note: I did not use any Video tutorials. IMPORTANT: Practise Practise Practise..... Good luck on the exam!
  10. datkin1969


    Today I finally passed BSCI (642-892) on my third attempt. Now I move on to ISCW. It was an experience!
  11. datkin1969

    Narbik teaching in the UK May 2009

    Please comment on the router that will be used in the lab, Thank you
  12. datkin1969

    CCNA Wireless vs CWNA

    Recommendation to do both Cisco CCIE Wireless and CWNP CWNE certs to be safe!
  13. datkin1969

    Cwne On Next Friday: Any Tips To Share?

    did you pass the CWNE exam? Please share your experience.
  14. Have anyone come across this error: UTC: %CRYPTO-4-PKT_REPLAY_ERR: decrypt: replay check failed connection id=117, sequence number=3372 I need some guidance. Thanks.
  15. datkin1969

    Easiest Test For Re-cert

    I agree hips is the easiest