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    anybody knows?
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    Hi all. I have passed the MSCA (A+ N+, 270,290 and 291). Doesn't that automatically mean i am now MSCA?. I have sent my credentials twice via the comptia website to microsoft a while back, still no response. Am i not supposed to get a certificate to aknownledge that i am a MSCA, or do i get nothing.
  3. jacobson00

    What Was Your First Job Out Of School?

    wow, you are all making feel like a loser. I got a job as a user support at citigroup. The pay was fantastic!!! but zero zero i mean zero experience came out of it. Reason why i am stucked now. I should have gone for the PERL programing job, but i was sooo in need of money. I went for the highest paid job regardless. Well i guess the older you get the more matured you become
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    Finished Mcse

    what is sharepoint?
  5. jacobson00

    Mcse At Last

    it's preferable to get a job in that field before going on further certifications
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    I Hate Dns

    I am still studying for 291, using Testout, Cbt and a virtual machine with server 2003, but i gotta tell you, I hateeeeeeee the DNS section or rather topic. It's long, redundant, and not fun at all. I keep going back to the section and everytime I start i feel asleep because of how boring it is. Even the CBT nuggets loud mouth instructor isn't helping. I know i understand the DNS concept but Gee what on earth is this. 290 was soo easy and fun to study but 291 is terrible and a snoozefest. Ouf.. i feel much better i got that out of my system.
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    Finding A Job In France With Mcsa

    hopefully you are not black.
  8. jacobson00

    Job Interview Tomorrow

    wow, good luck. just remember to relax.don't show them you want tooo bad (kind of desperate). Just relax. i hope your age won't be working against you for these kind of positions.. be yourself
  9. jacobson00

    Downloading Online

    there is definetely cooperation with schools IT dept. the puzzling part is how they got hold of the student's campus email address.
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    ~passed 70-291~ By P4s V 2.40

    I agree, a pass is a pass. but we to do the sadikhov family proud!!!
  11. jacobson00

    ~passed 70-291~ By P4s V 2.40

    740? and you had all the questions? come on now
  12. jacobson00

    Downloading Online

    yes waver you got it!!
  13. jacobson00

    Downloading Online

    you know what that's how i kind of explained it, something about mapping the IP to the mac and then he asked how if the Ip is public in the 192.168 range. that's where i got stucked
  14. jacobson00

    Downloading Online

    how do they know that's who that downloaded those stuffs
  15. jacobson00

    Downloading Online

    sorry to have confused you. my question was how do they know who downloaded what on an open network