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  1. About My M.c.s.e Experience

    i studied my first exams through cbt nuggets, but after passing once after watching testout's cbts i never looked away and back to the cbt nuggets. cbt nuggets is great and the most professional i might add, but they give you so much information, usually its too much information. testout's cbts are short and to the point, watch and learn exactly what you need for the test. so watching cbt nuggets just to get that little extra information that could also help you in real life in the future is a bit dull in my opinion, as in real life- experience is what matters. if you are looking to start studying mcse (or anything else), i recommend studying only from testout!
  2. start>control panel>user accounts>Pick the user>manage my network passwords im currently at home and not work so i dont remember if the last bit is the same if your inside a domain.. but im pretty sure it is.. if not, just google it mate.. here you go.. found you a page explaining you how to do that: hxxp://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/WindowsTips/WindowsXP/AdminTips/Security/RemoveSavedPasswords.html
  3. Should I Upgrade Now Or Wait?

    besides whateveryone else said, Many companies still work on 2000domains, you could even still stumble across NT! 2003 is here and would stay here for a while, besides the obvious facts of how much resources these vista os's require. many companies wouldnt upgrade right away, if at all...
  4. Mcse2003 - Lab Setup Help Needed

    i dont know what about you guys, but im using vmware workstation 5.5 for all of that, pop up and install windows and just clone it, then promote eveything into the domain and begin installing whatever services on them, vmware is the best for that, doesnt cost money to buy more hardware & it doesnt take physical space! 1-2hours and PUF you've got a whole forest! finding apps on the net is not hard, try torrent sites / emule..