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  1. Hi good day to you Im from Malaysia.. Im planing to take citrix training in india but not sure which course to take in citrix there XENAPP6 and XENAPP 6.5.. i heard XENAPP 6.5 is new.. Could you please suggest any good hands on training for Citrix 6 or 6.5 ? I prefer for 6.5 since it is new.... Please help my dear frens..
  2. pls help Create a LAN system of three LANs with four bridges. The bridges named as B1 to B4 connect the LANs as follows: a. B1 connects LAN1 and LAN2 b. B2 connects LAN 1 and LAN 3 c. B3 connects LAN 2 and LAN 3 d. B4 connects LAN 1, LAN2, and LAN 3. Choose B1 as the root bridge. Show the forwarding and blocking ports, after applying the spanning tree procedure.