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  1. Hello guys! im looking for good ideas to give to our customers maybe Valued added services(free ones) or good support plans etc As customers as i know there are a lot here, what good things does your partner give you? are there any outstanding thing that your partner have gave you? or what list of good things is giving to you to make you happy? Cheers Carlos
  2. NightShade

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    Rukus is good but not the best... With Aruba it just awsome what you get when you combine them with their switches... Everything is centralized, you can even do Zero Touch Switch provisiioning... just as you do with Instants APS or Remote APs Zero tocuhc meaning that you plug it, it download the config and autconfigure itself... Reducing your IT operational cost Even more the same rule that you use for the 802.1x for wireless also works on the wired part, on teh vpn clients, what else you need? haha Anyways just an opinion here
  3. NightShade

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    About that Aruba can do that also...you just need to set the AP in another mode and thats it...the APS will get the config downloaded to take firewall decistions... About the traffic going back to the controller welll it depend on your infraestructure... About the stand alone well Aruba got the Aruba Instant which is a controllerless solution... between all of them they build up a virtual controller... With aruba you can also set one radio for detecting rogues and the other one for serving clients... But i still prefer having APS on air monitor mode so they can scan in both bands... What HP got is that is cheap... but wilth less features tho....
  4. NightShade

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    Why you dont like Wireless LAN Controllers??? They are great... One of the features i like the most of aruba is they way they do the rules... with roles... and how can i do derived roles and assign a role with firewall rules to a user depending in which AD group he is, i actually dont care which ip address he has... or in which computer he logs in... So with this i can permit or not access to internal servers to the users i want... or even apply QoS... Not to mention the Remote Networking of them is awsome... Cisco is Cisco you would say... but we have kicked Cisco Wifi from somecompanies here and also won when we are competing with cisco for a proyect for what it can do...
  5. NightShade

    Cisco Bough Meraki

    Well Meraki custumer doesnt seems happy with that hahaha I like a way more aruba but if it works for you then its okay
  6. NightShade

    Cisco Bough Meraki

    http://www.meraki.com/company/cisco-acquisition-faq Dont really know why cisco bough meraki as its not really good anyways... but well
  7. NightShade

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    So you want comments ill give you comments Lets do some analysis vs some brands. Rukus 1-Aruba offers an integrated role based access control for wireless and wired users, what does rukus does? As far i know Ruckus maps user groups to a WLAN, which is then mapped to a VLAN and Policies are defined and enforced by external 3rd party devices 2-Aruba has integrated WIDS WIPS into the infraestructure, while as far i know rukus does basic rogue detection. Rukus does not automatically black list client, while aruba does, rukus needs manual intervention i think, even RUKUS admit themselft they are not that great in security. 3-Rukus does not offer VPN funtionality as far i know 4-Aruba offer an stateful firewall for network security and QOS, as far i know rukus need third party device for access control 5-Aruba provide per application QOS while rukus offer per SSID Qos we dont need more SSIDs like a vlan for voice, like i mention having more SSID does impact in the throughput of your WLAN... because of the managment overhead. 6-Aruba do derived roles in one SSID like a mention i can make rules depending on which group of AD you are i can give different access to Sales OU, or IT OU and so on now lets talk about the redundancy Aruba does offer L3 and L2 redundancy, L2 using VRRP and L3 using LMS and backup LMS Rukus does not offer L3 redundancy as far i know.... which is handy when you got 2 contollers separated by a layer 3 boundary(which you get several scenarios like that) Rukus APS when they are failing over to the secondary controller as far i know the ap needs to reboot, on aruba aps does not need to reboot or anything they automatically fail over to the secondary one at least on the layer 2 redundancy. Rukus does not have vlan poolin as far i know... i can have on one SSID with 5 vlans mapped to it.. which will readuce the number of user per vlans which doing so restricts the size of the broadcast domain, there by limiting unnecessary traffic Not to mention Aruba is on the leader Quadarnt on Gardner on wireless only which was on 2011 and wired and wireless on 2012. while rukus is still on Visionary quadrant.... Now Cisco 1-Cisco does not have application awareness, they use another vlan for voice, Aruba does not need another vlan for voice to give it priorization to the voice traffic, more SSID more traffic management so less thoguput... 2-All Aruba Aps support ARM which is the cleanair of cisco but what Cisco 600, 1040, 1140, 1250, 1260 lack Cisco CleanAir capability, so not all the models support it.. 3-Cisco does not offer integrated architecture, cisco you would need many applances but in aruba you just need the controller:) so of course is cheaper. 4-Cisco does not does derived role funtion as far i know. 5-Aruba offers integrates IDS/IPS which can detect and automatically lock out rogue APs, ad-hoc networks, bridges, DoS attacks, man in the middle attacks, impersonation attacks, etc. It also have a Certified ICSA integrated firewall 6-I think just cisco 3500 offer spectrum analysis(as far i know) while aruba AP 923 105, 135 and 175 does offer this. Not to mention the remote networking of Aruba which is AWSOME with their remote APS... Zero touch configuration which reduces the IT operation cost... you can bring VLANS from yhour coroporate to the remote site... over an ipsec tunnel and GRE tunnel, you can bring all the SSID with all the Enterprise security to the remote site, or mobille office or home office... it just great... I can give you more points agains cisco if you want... or agains aerohive or don tknow agains meraki... Cant do a analsys agains all brands because i don tkow them all but vs the ones i know i can... or at least the one i got knowldge of it.. Just to start i will give you that Anyways knowing all this WHY i would not go Aruba all the way?? For me Aruba is the best Wireless vendor. Cheers
  8. NightShade

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    Aruba Networks... all the way
  9. NightShade

    Changing Domain name

    Okay let me do a fast explanaition of what we are doing We are looking for the correct way to change domain name space For example Let say we have example.com in our domain which it should be example.local Anyone got documentations of which is the correct way to do that? or anyone have done it before? Thank you
  10. NightShade

    OSPF over IPSEC

    Of course i did but noone there asnwer me:P Guess ill have to implement it with what i think its good :/ sigh
  11. NightShade

    OSPF over IPSEC

    Thats why i said in my message everything was done with fortinet stuff.. Anyways my questions are regarding design... so that wont matter... Thats why im asking here
  12. NightShade

    OSPF over IPSEC

    TalentK it works just fine.... before posting you have to do detailed study just like you just told me In fortinet you can do routing with IPsec... i dont really know how does cisco do it but Fortinet does virtual interface for it... its a special thing of foritnet.... I have ran before OSPF with ipsec on interface mode. We dont have Cisco here so i cant use that. And Laf C thats how fortigate calls it OSPF over IPSEc.... at least for example this technical note in their site Technical Note : OSPF route redundancy over 2 VPN IPSec tunnels :/ Anyways the term is not wrong at all.. im using IPSEC to run OSPF... with a special thing that fortigates has... Anyways... i dont care that too much now... if anyone can help with the design that would be great...
  13. NightShade

    OSPF over IPSEC

    Hello everyone im on a proyect right now in which we will run OSPF over iPSEC And i was wondering if anyone got any experience doing that.... Anyways here is my Scenario and what i though i should do ill try to make a summary buti can be more specific if its needed. I got a STAR topology A central and like 30 remote sites We doing OSPF on it we will start with a STAR topology and maybe we will move to a Partial mesh. Anyways I got some questions about the configuration of the OSPF Everything will go in one Area, Area 0 What network type you recomend? i was thinking in Point to multipoint and putting all of my OSPF link in one subnet I could also just leave it on nonbraodcast and put all my remote routers with priority 0 so the Central one be the DR. What time for hello time and dead time should i put? i was thinking 30 secs for hello time and 120 for dead time I ll configure passive interface in all my LAN interface of all my fortiagates Ill configure Loopbacks for network stability(which i dont know well as we are not doing partial mech neitherfull mesh yet so no DR or BDR election) O_o but it would be good having it... because we planning on moving to that later. If anyone used fortigates berfore there is a question for them About the Bandwitch... well at least in cisco routers you could configure that... setting the bw to whatever your link was.. But in fortinet i just see a inbound BW and outbound BW option.... is this is the one im looking for it? I mean i need to configure it becasue Because it use that for the best route calculation, plus i dont know if its like EIGRP that uses part of the % of the BW for its protocol thing... at least as far i remenber EIGRP uses part of the % of the BW for its own... and if its not well configured well... you can imaging... Those are some of the considaration im taking... Any other consideration is welcome... Also any suggestion Also if you got any question about what im planning to do ask me. Im doing everything with Fortigates yeah no cisco... but these questions are more design questions... Other thing that got me worried is all the BW that will be used for the IPSEC + OSPF traffic( i really have no idea how much BW ill need) yeah everything going trhough one connection of 2mbs O_o how much BW i would need for it? Thank you
  14. NightShade

    ~passed~ 70-620

    Passed it yesterday with 957 i liked that in the sims even if you didnt know at the momment what to do you could just try around to see how to do it... Thats how i did some of the sims i had no idea and learn in the exam how to do some stuff haha! funny stuff
  15. NightShade

    Tr@inS!gn@l - why is product banned?

    hahaha choo choo