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  1. ~passed~ 70-298

    Dear all bro, Microsoft.Braindump.70-298.v1.8.by.Mahmoud.M.H.vce is very good. I have just passed 298 (3:30PM) with 1000 marks :-) My question: 1) Alpine Ski House 2) Humongous Insurance 3) Lucerne Publishing 4) Southbridge Video 5) Woodgrove Bank Thanks all bro and good luck! cqk6
  2. ~passed~ 70-298

    Dear all bro, I have just passed 294 with 976 marks, all questions from 70-294 grandmaster 108q and simulations from video besmart. Good luck everyone, cqk6
  3. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi WorldIT, If you passed 294, I think you should review 291 and take this examination. Regards, cqk6
  4. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi bros, I have just passed 293 this morning with 985 marks. All questions from Microsoft.TestKing.70-293.v35.by.Mahmoud.vce, 70-293 Microsoft Braindumps3 by sadiqsaad _ 96q.vce and 70-293 Simulations by sadiqsaad. Thanks all bros and good luck. See you in 294 forum. Regards, cqk6
  5. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi thefluffybunny, How is your exam? We are expect the news from you! cqk6
  6. ~passed~ 70-298

    I have passed 291 last night with 984, all questions from 70-291-P4S-by-EvilRen.vce. I hope all bro success with this examination. Total: 47 questions (1 MX Simulation)
  7. ~passed~ 70-298

    Congratulation all bro who pass this exam cqk6
  8. ~passed~ 70-298

    Thanks ЇСΣΜΔΝ a lot, your sharing is very useful for us. We should read and do the practice very carefully before taking the exam. After taking and pass the exam, your knowledge in your mind (zero or ...) This is very important for us to walk in our life! cqk6
  9. ~passed~ 70-298

    Congratulation ЇСΣΜΔΝ, great score! Could you please share your experience and let us know what material you used ? Thanks your contribution. cqk6
  10. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi all bro, I have just passed 290 with 985 marks, all questions in Testinside Dundar Version 9.5 and Dr_Z_Video_Simulations, thanks all Sadikhovers. Once again, merci beaucoup! cqk6
  11. ~passed~ 70-298

    congratulations bro, good luck in the next exam and hope you will do more and more to contribute our forum
  12. ~passed~ 70-298

    All bro will be waiting the news from you....
  13. ~passed~ 70-298

    congratulations all bro, i hope you will success in the next exam
  14. ~passed~ 70-351

    Hi bro, I have just passed 70- 351 this morning (1000 marks). You should read MS Training Kit and some involve documents in our forum. Thanks all bro and good luck. cqk6
  15. ~passed~ 70-298

    for: XtremeRU You should reading MS Training Kit very carefully before taking the exam, do practice with TestInside Dundar v9.5 + Dr. Z... is so useful Study to improve your skill, knowlegde not for your certification