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  1. a61971

    After a long long time

    Thanks Mark, I know what you are saying ... I'm prepared in every possible way. But perhaps even that's not enough. The lab lab seems foolish difficult. I've seen your post on pfr, we both know the issues. Knowing INE or 360 inside-out, and having years of real life experience, it's still like fighting a dragon with a lollipop. No-where near the real deal. Strangely I haven't met a CCIE with that level of expertise and elefant-like memory, -usually they're quite ordinary engineers. As mentioned I saw some very skilled engineers from 360 bootcamp (really good guys),- they failed, only reporting about being "blown out". This gave me second thoughts about my preparation methods. I don't like 1500$ sandwiches ...
  2. a61971

    After a long long time

    I know, I do follow the "marked", and I was worried about you. I remember that you went to bootcamp as final prep. But, everybody I heard of fails big time,- skilled people I know from Cisco360 bootcamp was slaughtered at the lab. Strange times I do expect to try within 1-2 months ... exiting ... I'm paying with my own money.
  3. a61971

    After a long long time

    I been busy for a long time, dedicating my time at work. I had a peek here,- I did find some comments too, - looking like dump talk ... Has anybody passed the lab, I know only of people failing?
  4. a61971

    Wheres Darby?

    I believe he is busy working and training. I haven't been in contact with him for some months now. I'm out too, labbing like mad, I hope we all clear this stupid certification soon .....
  5. a61971

    Avoid loop in network infrastructure

    Hi What is the symptoms, how do you know you have a loop? If the symptom is very heavy traffic, it could just as well be a broadcast storm.
  6. a61971

    Cisco in trouble

  7. a61971

    Going to Thailand

    Wish you the best mate. I quit my job a couple of months ago, now I'm sitting every day with my mac doing INE GNS3 labs most of the days. I do a lot of self-invented labs too. Wellcome to the nerd club
  8. a61971

    Cisco in trouble

    Hi No, I'm a ISP core guy in scandinavia, but I see this pattern constantly. The only real threat to Cisco here is Juniper. Juniper offers a totally better "price/throughput" performance. Several ISP's change their core to Juniper ... and yes, even at the small CPE segment the difference shines. I'm a Cisco man, it really bothers me. I configure both Cisco and Juniper daily, but Cisco is still my no1.
  9. a61971

    Why do people make flawed networks

    WOW!! I think I have met that network too, are you in Copenhagen?? I'm still running away away .... Pedalkin. The designer of this network must have common DNA with the guy who jumped the Eiffel tower dressed with two small wings of wood. Absolutely no danger, just take care the last few inches .....
  10. a61971

    New labs

    You made me Google this. You can buy dumps too for JNCIE .... it's cracked ...
  11. a61971

    New labs

  12. a61971

    New labs

    Talking about TS, then they must have a flexible basic design. Then they must develop 100-200 errors (tried, tested and with assessment scrips) that can be introduced to this basic design. This can be dumped, but is much harder to do, because it's not a number of static TS labs, but a endless combination of tickets. And then the ticket database can be changed on the fly. If they do it right, - then it's close to "in-dumpable". The config section is much harder to secure, as the different tasks must be "inter-dependable". Takes much more effort to develop. Markthepoet is on the right track, if Cisco don't do this right ... then we are back in the old lane. And, to what I hear, Cisco is an huge organization, no-one coordinates, no-one listens to other people, and resources are un-accessible.
  13. a61971

    New labs

    I'm not sure this change is going to be dumped that easily. This new format seems to be dynamic and harder to predict. Good stuff. But I have this idea that the lab is already too hard. Scott Morris, Odom and several other "guru's" failed the beta V4 lab. Perhaps has the lab increased in difficulty as an answer to the dumps. If a "true and holy" CCIE should pass the lab at any time ... then your conclusion must be that 4x CCIE, CCDE and 2x Juniper "CCIE" Scott Morris is not a true CCIE ??? Cisco has 2 current problems, how to stop the dumps and how high to raise the bar against a true and honest student. They seems to have mixed these 2 problems up, raising the bar unrealistic high to stop dumpers (failed that task) but killed the honest students with this move. As far as I have heard did all 360 students fail too .... until fresh K-vitamins hit the market. Perhaps the tasks in the lab is fair enough, but the number of tasks is too high. 10-12 TS tickets in 2 hours .... seems like a lot ?? Pure speculation ... I don't know
  14. a61971

    New labs

    Some weeks ago the rumors hit the internet, -Cisco was close to introducing new labs in the R&S lab test. New tests and new format, as the new lab should be "modular" in construction. Not a static lab that can be leaned and remembered. It seems like it already has happened. On other forums stories runs that people are failing the test now. Makes me nervous ... I'm a couple of months from my first attempt now .....
  15. a61971

    When is your CCIE Lab date?

    Hi I haven't booked a date yet, but if I keep up the pace in studying ... then I hope to be ready in October ...