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  1. hello house, i have 50 vouchers of proctorlabs ccie security rack rental token for $350. if you are interested kindly reach out to me by PM and mode of payment is only paypal thanks
  2. HELLO , i have a little problem, we are migrating from novell E-directory to micorsoft Active directory. under e-directory i could update applications that users are currently using by simply going to remote management and disconnecting the number of users attached to the appliocation/file and do the necessary update or adjustment and connect them back. by question is under window server(AD) how can i achieve that, i will be glad if someone can help me out.
  3. Passed my BGP exam, it was very cool and i thank God for that: STUDY MATERIALS: BGP student guide v3.2 vol I & II- Read the volumes twice so that i can have a better understanding BGP Internet Routing Architecture- Read 70% of it would complete it later IE vol 4.1 BGP section- very cool to use ( used on dynamips and it worked well) NARBIK foundation GAB and adv labs- cool for understanding moving on to mpls and also Microsoft exams
  4. 21ctl

    i failed ONT

    sorry to hear that you failed, the question is not that not using pass4sure is a mistake, the question should be HOW WELL DID YOU PREPARE FOR THE EXAM. i noticed that most candidate love to crash exams in 2weeks covering every topic, their is no way one can make with short period of studies unless you have vast experience in that field. during my own studies i took my time because i studied for more than 2months. i used student guide vol I&II used tr@insign@l for ONT studies( very good video tutorial) used CBT nugget by jeremy ( cool for ONt studies too) used the cisco official study material for ONT studies. then after all this studies i had to do some labs my dynamips so that i could have a better understanding on what the topics are about. after that i discovered that i needed to cover some more areas and i went back to my student guide. i have always said and will say again (STUDENT GUIDE WAS DESIGNED FOR THE EXAMS) so you have to use them and read them well wishing all the best in your next attempt
  5. 21ctl


    i noticed that CCIP has no sub forum for its lab, why?
  6. 21ctl

    I failed coposite today

    composite is not an easy exam at all, sorry to hear about that. why did u wait for ur ccna expiry date to be close to your exam date? next time read the student guide well and do lots of practice labs, it will help alot cos it has always helped me.
  7. i passed my Qos on the 28th of feb 2009 and it was wonderful for me: i studied for months plus mostly at night because i do come back from work late and my major days of studies where sat & sun. for the theory studies i used: QOS student guide Vol I & II Cisco-press Exam certification guide 2nd edition( very good and the questions after each chapter very important) for the video lessons i used: Cbt nugget by jeremy very cool i must say Qos Knet 2.0- also nice since it is like someone reading the student guide to you [productbanned] for ONT exam- just for some revisions- also nice for the practical part i used: i must say that dynamips is very useful without it i would not have been able to do any thing on my desktop- so thanks to be programmers of dynamips i had a lab setup for narbik workbook and IE expert ver 4.0 vol 1 labs so i used narbik foundation fron ccnp to ccie( Qos section) soup to nut ( Qos section) internetworkexpert vol 1 (Qos section) i am moving on to BGP now thanks everyone
  8. 21ctl


    Enter Computer Village in Ikeja Oga femi, i cant just walk the whole computer village asking question, i need and advert and an address. computer village will not have many pple selling cisco gears since it will be patronized by a few.. thanks for your response so if you know a place that you have been buying from, kindly give me the address and contact number ok
  9. i am in nigeria and interested in buying some cisco gears for my studies. i cant afford to import now because of the high dollar rate. pls if you know where i can buy in nigeria, kindly tell me thanks
  10. 21ctl

    CCIE RS Bootcamp QA and FAQ

    nicer one
  11. 21ctl

    Selling my CCIE home lab in Dubai.

    nice rack, but it would not be less than $9000, i cant afford that, but if u break it down, i am interested in the 3550 switches.
  12. 21ctl

    I passed the lab today

    WOW WOW , happy to hear that, congrats
  13. 21ctl

    CCIE R&S Lab equipment ?

    HELLO SIR i finally odered for two Adaptec ANA 62044 Quad NIC card, but i discovered that my desktop board has 32bit slot PCI slot. but the adaptec card is 64bit . do u think it would work well on my board? because if not then i am finished!!!!!!!
  14. 21ctl

    CCIE R&S Lab equipment ?

    Mr MARK, i really appreciate, in NIgeria Western Union is one way transaction, we can only recieve but we cannot send. thanks , i would look out for other options. God bless u mr mark
  15. 21ctl

    CCIE R&S Lab equipment ?

    i have a core 2 Quad desktop and i am buying two 3550 switches for now. i have been looking for a Quad PCI card for seems to be having some difficulty, pls if anyone has a clue or site where i can get it, pls kindly help thanks