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  1. I didn't knew that you were a legend! Wow I tried reading the Ba*d Operator from Hell Series. I searched Simon Paul Travaglia. I found everything... Your father's picture... I spend 6 hours researching about that SOB who used to take calls. Hell I took calls for 5 years... But gawd dayum! Wherever you are come back... else I will bombard you with emails..

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    Wassup? Long time no speak - hope you're all well


  3. I don't recognise anyone anymore!!!

  4. So I'm working so hard I barely have time to drive into town and watch a movie before I told people their printing will be ready. The queue's WAAAAY too long to have everything printed (and sorted) by the time I told them, so I kill all the small jobs so there's only 2 left and I can sort them in no time. Then, after the movie, (which was one of those slack Bertolucci ones that takes about 3 hours till the main character is killed off in a visionary experience) I get back and clear the printouts. There's about 50 people waiting outside and I've got two printouts. That's about average for me. I thought I'd killed more though. Anyway, I put out the printouts and walk slowly inside, fingering the clipboard with "ACCOUNTS TO REMOVE" in big letters on the back. No one says anything. As usual. . . . I'm sitting back in the Operations Armchair, watching the computer room closed circuit TV, which just happens to be connected to the frame-grabber's Video player (sent off for repair, due back sometime in '94) when the phone rings. That must be the 2nd time today, and it's really starting to get to me! "Yes?" I say, pausing the picture. "I've accidentally deleted my C.V!" the voice at the other end of the line says. "You have? What was your username?" He tells me. What the hell, I AM bored. "Ah no, you didn't delete it - I did." "What?" "I deleted it. It was full of cr@p! You didn't ever get more than a B- in any of your subjects!" "Huh?" "And that rubbish about being a foreign exchange student, that was your girlfriend and we both know it." "Huh?!!" "Your academic records. I checked them, you were lying.." "How did y.." He clicks. "It's you isn't it? THE B'STAR'D OPERATOR FROM HELL!" "In the flesh, on the phone and in your account.... You shouldn't have called you know. You especially shouldn't have given me your username.." clickety click< "Neither should you have sent that mail to the System Manager telling him what you think of him in graphic terms..." "I didn't send any.." clickety<>click< ...... "No, you didn't did you? But who can tell these days. Not to worry though, It'll all be over VERY soon." >clickety click< "..Change my username back, and..." "b-b-b.." he blubs, like a stood-up date "Goodbye now" I say pleasantly, "you've got bags to pack and a life to start over..." I hang up. Two seconds later the red phone goes. I pick it up, it's the boss. He mumbles the username of the person I was just talking to, mentions something about a nasty mail message, and utters the words "You know what to do...", with the dots and everything. Later, inside the Municipal Energy Authority Computer, as I'm modifying the poor pleb's Energy Bill by several zeros, I can't help but think about what lapse of judgement - what act of heinous stupidity causes them to call. Then, even later, when I'm adding the poor pleb's photo image over the top of the FBI's online "MOST Wanted Armed and Dangerous, SHOOT ON SIGHT" offenders list, I realise, I'll probably never know; but life goes on. A couple of hours later as I see the SWAT vehicle roll up outside the poor pleb's apartment I realise that for some, it just doesn't. But tomorrow is another day.
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    Happy Birthday Screeeeeem!

    Hi Screeeeeem Sorry I missed it! Happy birthday Brah! (belated) Yours Brian
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    The Little Bird By My Doorstep !

  7. Episode 2 I'm sitting at the desk, playing x-tank, when some thoughtless person rings me on the phone. I pick it up. "Hello?" I say. "Who is this?" they say "It's me I think" I say, having been through a telephone skills course "Me, Who?" "Is this like a knock knock joke?" I say, trying anything to save myself having to end this game. Too LATE! I get killed. Now I'm furious! "What can I do for you?" I ask pleasantly - (one of the key warning signs) "Um, I want to know if we have a particular software package.." "Which package is that?" "Uh, B-A-S-I-C it's called." >clickety clickety d-e-l b-a-s-i-c.e-x-e< "Um no, we don't have that. We used to though.." "oh. Oh well, the other thing I wanted to know was, could the contents of my account be copied to tape to I have a permanent copy of them to save at home in case the worst happens.." "The worst?" "Well, like they get deleted or something..." "DELETED! Oh, don't worry about that, we have backups" (I'm such a *meanie*) "What was your username?" He gives me his lusername. (What an idiot) >clickety click< "But you haven't got any files in your account!" I say, mock surprise leaping from my vocal chords. "Yes I have, you must be looking in the wrong place!" So first he spoils my x-tank game, and now he's calling me a liar... >clickety click< "Oh no, I made a mistake" I say Did he mutter "typical" under his breath? Oh dear, oh dear.. "I MEANT TO SAY: That username doesn't exist" "Huh? >wimper< It must do, I was only using it this morning!" "Ah well, that'll be the problem, there was a virus in our system this morning, the... uh... De Vinci Virus, wipes out users who are logged in when it goes off." "That can't be right, my girlfriend was logged in, and I'm in her account now!" "Which one was that?" He tells me the username. Some people NEVER learn.. "Oh, yeah, her account was just after we discovered the virus." >clickety click<"..she only lost all her files" "But..." "But don't worry, we've got them all on tape" "Oh, thank goodness!!!" "Paper tape. Have you got a magnifying glass and a pencil. SEE YOU IN THE MACHINE ROOM!!!! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!" I'm such an idiot!
  8. Episode 1 It's backup day today so I'm very angry. Being the BOFH, however, does have it's advantages. I assign the tape device to null - it's so much more economical on my time as I don't have to keep getting up to change tapes every 5 minutes. And it speeds up backups too, so it can't be all bad. A user rings "Do you know why the system is slow?" they ask "It's probably something to do with..." I look up today's excuse ".. clock speed" "Oh" (Not knowing what I'm talking about, they're satisfied) "Do you know when it will be fixed?" "Fixed? There's 275 users on your machine, and one of them is you. Don't be so selfish - logout now and give someone else a chance!" "But my research results are due in tommorrow and all I need is one page of Laser Print.." "SURE YOU DO. Well; You just keep telling yourself that buddy!" I hang up. Sheesh, you'd really think people would learn not to call! The phone rings. It'll be him again, I know. That annoys me. I put on a gruff voice "HELLO, SALARIES!" "Oh, I'm sorry, I've got the wrong number" "YEAH? Well what's your name buddy? Do you know WASTED phone calls cost money? DO YOU? I've got a good mind to subtract your wasted time, my wasted time, and the cost of this call from your weekly wages! IN FACT I WILL! By the time I've finished with you, YOU'LL OWE US money! WHAT'S YOUR NAME - AND DON'T LIE, WE'VE GOT CALLER ID!" I hear the phone drop and the sound of running feet - he's obviously going to try and get an alibi by being at the Dean's office. I look up his username and find his department. I ring the Dean's secretary. "Hello?" she answers "Hi, SIMON, B.O.F.H HERE, LISTEN, WHEN THAT GUY COMES RUNNING INTO YOUR OFFICE IN ABOUT 10 SECONDS, CAN YOU GIVE HIM A MESSAGE?" "I think so..." she says "TELL HIM `HE CAN RUN, BUT HE CAN'T HIDE'" "Um. Ok" "AND DON'T FORGET NOW, I WOULDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT THAT FILE IN YOUR ACCOUNT WITH YOUR ANSWERS TO THE PUURITY TEST IN IT..." I hear her scrabbling at the terminal... "DON'T BOTHER - I HAVE A COPY. BE A GOOD GIRL AND PASS THE MESSAGE ON" She sobs her assent and I hang up. And the worst thing is, I was just guessing about the purity test thing. I grab a quick copy anyway, it might make for some good late-night reading. Meantime backups have finished in record time, 2.03 seconds. Modern technology is wonderful, isn't it? Another user rings. "I need more space" he says "Well, why don't you move to Texas?" I ask "No, on my account, stupid." Stupid?!?.... Uh-Oh.. "I'm terribly sorry" I say, in a polite manner equal to that of Jimmy Stewart in a Family Matinee "I didn't quite catch that. What was it that you said?" I smell the fear coming down the line at me, but it's too late, he's a goner and he knows it. "Um, I said what I wanted was more space on my account, *please*" "Sure, hang on" I hear him gasp his relief even though he covered the mouthpeice. "There, you've got plenty of space now" "How much have I got" Now this REALLY *HACKS* *ME* *OFF*! Not only do they want me to give them extra disk, they want to check it, to correct me if I don't give them enough. They should be happy with what I give them *and that's it*!!! Back into Jimmy Stewart mode. "Well, let's see, you have 4 Meg available" "Wow! Eight Meg in total, thanks!" he says pleased with his bargaining power "No" I interrupt, savouring this like a fine red, at room temperature "4 Meg in total..." "Huh?... I'd used 4 Meg already, How could I have 4 Meg Available?" I say nothing. It'll come to him. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhH!" I kill me; I really do!
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    Here's my weemee
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    Hi Simon Gatt Which exams have you currently passed? If you have taken 70-270 xp 70-290 70-291 70-284 then to get MCSE you need to take: 70-293 70-294 and one of the following: 70-297 or 70-285 or 70-298 If you take 70-285 you get MCSE and MCSE:Messaging 2003 HTH Brian
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    General Second Shot Question

    All I think this is a marketing ploy by M$. I bought three exam vouchers with second shot and went to sit the exams *KNOWING* that I was not ready but intending to see where I was weak and to revise in those areas. The two worst prepared I scored 770 and 890 and the one I thought I may have been ready for I scored 970. My view: MS dumb down the questions on second shot just to get lots of people taking exams and to increase revenue. Shame on M$! BOFH
  12. BOFH

    Access Denied On "documents And Settings\user"

    I forgot to mention, if you use CACLS in this situation it is best done in Safe Mode
  13. BOFH

    70-291 Rras Vmare Question

    Are you trying to use RRAS with a back to back serial cable or are you using a modem on a USB cable, both should work if you add the right devices to VM Ware - what version of VMWare are you using? BOFH
  14. BOFH

    Access Denied On "documents And Settings\user"

    Hi There Don't despair! I am sensing that this is either XPPRo not on the domain or it is XPHome If XPHome you can restart in safe mode (if you're accessing this disk by booting) and then you'll be able to see the security tab on files and allocate yourself full control. If you're using XPPro or XPHome you could also use CACLS from the command line if you're booting from another disk and using this one as a slave. You'll need to add the right dirve letter and log on as an administator cacls "c:\Documents And Settings\User" /t /e /g Administrators:f That will give every account full control (yes you can use a group instead of a user) The following give a great primer on CACLS http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/cacls.mspx?mfr=true http://support.microsoft.com/kb/162786 Hope that helps BOFH
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    Mcse Security 2003

    You're right I think. 296 will get you your MCSE 2003 the 98,99 and 350 will get you your +sec And if you're into a bit of S&M you oculd take 284 and 285 to be MCSE 2003 S&M!