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  1. Zey Seeker

    ~passed~ Jncis – ER/ M/ E/ FWV/ SSL

    it's the exam you pass @ Juniper Fast Track Portal to get your voucher .
  2. That's Common in the Egyptian Market ..IT or non IT .. I faced something like that before ...but is that happening only in Egypt ..or it's the same way everywhere ?
  3. Zey Seeker

    ~passed~ Jncis – ER/ M/ E/ FWV/ SSL

    i attended the exam on 7 oct 08 and there was no Simulator questions in the exam .
  4. Zey Seeker

    I am going to exam after 2hours

    Hope u made it and waiting for your news .
  5. Zey Seeker

    ~passed~ Jncis – ER/ M/ E/ FWV/ SSL

    Hamed Lilah (Thank God) Many thanks for all Sadikhovians for the help and useful resources on the forum I passed my JNICA-EX Exam Yesterday . Score 100/100 Materials used : * Juniper Study Guide * JUNOS as second language course * Data Sheets and Switch Documentations provided in Juniper Networks site. --> Juniper Exams have Next and Previous buttons so you can revise the exam after solving all questions. ---Easy Exam ..so don't miss the chance and add this certificate to your Bag !!
  6. Zey Seeker

    Web Site

    For me .. I see Sadihkov is enough.. I used to be on yahoo groups ..but now ..only Sadikhov !
  7. Zey Seeker

    Ftp Server Advice!

    FileZilla FTP Server was working Fine for me
  8. Zey Seeker


    AVG IS good
  9. Zey Seeker

    Firefox Vs Seamonkey

    Simply FireFox !
  10. Zey Seeker

    10 New Features In Windows Server 2008

    Thanks for Sharing :-) ..Keep it up !
  11. Zey Seeker

    Internet Traffice Monitor For Soho

    From The Dirizhor Post .. I checked NetMeter Program is easy to use , very simple and light. but it monitors your pc only and also it's a Free ware. I checked also Net Traffic Meter ..Nice also with Port Usage Statistic ...free ware
  12. Zey Seeker

    Network Diagram (wired)

    I use MS Visio.
  13. Zey Seeker

    Ip Cameras

    IMHO..The Options and Choices should be limited to 2 Brand name for Cameras only * MOBOTIX (hxxp://www.mobotix.com) - The Best Camera with Linux server and powerful processor on the camera hardware , no need for sw , can accept SD Memory cards up to 8 GB and have USB connection , Serial Port , SIP Client ..you should its specs your self. * Axis (hxxp://www.axis.com) - the world wide market leader for IP based Surveillance systems . My Advice as i work in this field ... Keep Away for D-link if you want something reliable .
  14. Zey Seeker

    Useful It Tips Site

    Thanks .. I checked your Blog and seems to be very useful and informative.
  15. Zey Seeker

    How To Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae

    Useful and Informative book..Thanks for Share :-)