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  1. Hi All, Anyone know for Java voip dialers programming,dialer which are working from voip blocked countries.I am looking for Java programmers, voip dialer developers.
  2. RDP Connection breaking

    Hi, Please help on RDP connection properties.I am accessing servers from USA via RDP for installing softwares ,The problem im facing is when i will keep the server ideal for 5-10 minutes RDP connection will break and reconnect only when touch mouse on server and this breaking making issue for softwares running on servers .The session properties configured in server are , Enabled Override user settings End a disconnected session - Never Active session limit - Never Ideal session limit - 3 hours Enabled Override user settings When session limit is reached or connection is broken Disconnect from session -enabled Lattency getting from IP ping arounf 290-300ms always Thanks
  3. Hi All, I am using WbDAV in IIS .but now im hearing that this is a common extension abused by hackers throguh IIS. Please advice for this ,there any possibilty for hacking if i will enable WebDAV. Thanks H@rish
  4. Hi all, I want help on IIS manager. Want to create web panels with maximum security for avoiding hacking. Please help me on this. Thanks H@rish
  5. mysql gui installation

    HI all, I want to install mysql database on OS 64 bit window2003,but i cant find the gui tool for 64 bit , anylink for down loading gui tool for 64 bit OS. Any solution for this. thanks H@ri.
  6. Hello All my dear friends, Any one have CCVP Net visualizer and good study materials,am interested in ccvp.