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  1. faisal.saleem

    IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling for RTP/RTPS

    Hi, can you please share your NAT64 configurations ? For the command list with example here you go ==> https://networklessons.com/ipv6/how-to-configure-ipv6-tunneling-over-ipv4/
  2. faisal.saleem

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    By using SATA to USB converter , the HDD showing in another laptop as :
  3. faisal.saleem

    Anyone preparing the IELTS

    just curious to know if anyone is UP for the exam. Let's have some tips and tricks exchange.
  4. faisal.saleem

    CCENT and CCNA projects - volunteers needed :)

    Your idea is good, what about to start here some puzzle questions . I would be happy to re-new my CCNA and learning from 0
  5. faisal.saleem

    CCENT and CCNA projects - volunteers needed :)

    Would you give some more details about the projects ?
  6. faisal.saleem

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    Yes back in 2003 i recovered one of my IDE same way by just replacing board but apparently the changing board would be my last option for this case. I consulted one of my friend (expert in hardware), he said dont waste money on it. If it is really important then some guys recover data from bad medias but they charge like 10$ per GB.
  7. faisal.saleem

    Jobs in 2017?

    what you mean by remotely? you meant freelancing ...
  8. faisal.saleem

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    Yes its making a tiny noise once power ON, may be media issue. The guy in youtube video even not wearing antistatic . I would buy a satta to usb converter and give it a try .
  9. faisal.saleem

    Who Remembers Windows Version 1.0?

    I worked on 3.1 and that i remember
  10. Do you please share a basic road map how to put hands in the cloud, NFV and these future technologies. Please consider me a noob. Thanks
  11. GNS3 2.0 Released! GNS3 version 2.0 has been released. This is a major milestone for GNS3 - this version brings a new architecture allowing us to add exciting new features and also gives us a solid foundation for more (including Labs). Major new features of 2.0 include “save as you go” (thanks to the new architecture), smart packet capture, VPCS/clouds/switches templates, a new "cloud node", a new NAT node and much more. GNS3 now supports a large, and growing list of vendors including Arista vEOS, Cumulus VX, Brocade Virtual ADX, Checkpoint GAiA, A10 vThunder, Alcatel 7750, NetScaler VPX, F5 BIG-IP LTM VE, MikroTik CHR, Juniper vMX and more.... Please see What’s new in GNS3 version 2.0 for a detailed overview. IMPORTANT NOTE to upgrade from 1.5.x and earlier versions of GNS3Please do not upgrade if you are working on something important like a certification or something else. Understand there is no rollback possible once you open an older project in version 2.0. --------------- To upgrade please follow this documentation --------------- Windows and Mac OS XFiles for Windows and Mac OS X can be downloaded from here. Linux installationUbuntu/Debian, install from our PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gns3/ppasudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gns3-gui For other Linux distributions, we recommend an installation via Pypi. pip3 install gns3-gui==2.0pip3 install gns3-server==2.0 Known bugs and issuesA project will be closed if a client closes GNS3 even if two or more clients are connected to that same project. Opening a .gns3 file from Windows explorer will work even when connected to a remote server. This should not be possible and we will add a proper error in a future release. Warning about Qt threads may appear when exporting a GNS3 portable project.
  12. faisal.saleem

    Jobs in 2017?

    NFV , SDN and last but not least security, as per my info
  13. faisal.saleem

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    My laptop had some battery issue i guess and many times suddenly powered off, now the strange thing is that hard disk is showing in the setup but OS is not recognizing it. I have very important data on it so any idea what to do? As a solution i already take off the hard disk from the laptop and connected directly on a PC sata port but still same issue.
  14. faisal.saleem

    Cisco certifications expired

    Excuse me. What you meant by support ?
  15. faisal.saleem

    Amazon is hiring

    One of my friend also got call from them. Now he is preparing for interview, please let me know if anything i would suggest him. Thanks