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    My Learning Experiences

    I just wanted to defend the persons who are sometimes called paper mcse's Nobody can make such a remark without knowing the person. And a experienced good systems engineer doesn't have to be a MCSE or got to have that knowledge to be good. Bilgisayar is right when he says people are different. I think the difference in people and how to study depends on how many on hand experience and learning experience someone has. It's second nature to me to give tips to beginners, rather then to pro's. My list... [productbanned], TestOut, [productbanned] and then CBT nuggets is probably for beginners the best, for pro's it's the other way around I see now. So, experienced sadikhovians... CBT nuggets. To build your own network at home, with or without virtual machines couldn't hurt anybody I think. I did mention Technet a bit, but I think it deserves more credit. It isn't mentioned in this forum a lot. Technet is great if you have doubt about a question. I google a lot and then I were directed a lot to TechNet. Then the questions about... should I study Pass4Sure or Testking. Pass4Sure has less questions to learn. In P4S are probable all the questions that you will get. But... the answers are more often wrong then in TestKing. So look in P4S what questions you will get and learn the answers from TestKing. As a bonus you will get some more questions from Testking to learn the concept a bit better. Who starts with the MCSE track I wanted to say that the first are the hardest and the last, the electives have less questions and the tests have less mistaken answers... a lor easier to learn... I think. Pick the mix of learning is good advice. And spending money on papers is well spend money. It will get you to more understanding too, and nobody will ever take that paper and knowledge away from you. It looks nice on your cv. Think about that if you stop at the point that you're MCSA / MCSE I still got some money and after monday I will take a big while off and then study some more... Vista... CCNA... the list goes on and on.
  2. rens

    My Learning Experiences

    Hallo my fellow sadikhovians. This is the first time that I post anything, so a short introduction would be helpfull. In 1999 I had the oportunity to get 4 of the 6 necessary papers for MCSE on NT4. After that I managed to get the fifth tcp/ip with 1000 pounts. Because of other studies, I never had the change to get MCSE. Back then it was harder for me to get MCSE than it is now in 2007. I did not know about TK and P4S ( did they excist ? ) so I studied with transcender, thats a lot harder. On december 4 2006 I started the MCSE track, now I am MCSE + M and on monday 11 juni I will become MCSE +M +S On two exams I had now 1000 points. All together I will have 15 MCSE exams behind me on monday. So, now everyone knows a bit who is talking. On taking exams I consider my self as experienced. I want to give some advice and make some remarks. First... paper MCSE... on my opinion nairly everybody who has no experience is a paper MCSE no matter how you studied. The questions that we get don't reflect the reality. Imagine that a Systems Engineer with ten years experience must make the seven exams without learning... he would probably dramaticly fail. Walk along the questions and ask yourself witch of them would he ever had in real live. Many questions go about stuff that you'll probable never encounter. Most off the stuff that you will encounter aren't in the exams. Please walk along the questions, and imagine when you would get them in real live. Futhermore, if you studied very hard and know hardly everything, is that a garrantee that you would be a good systems engineer ? or even a support engineer ? In my opinion you must have a certain insight that you cannot learn. If you encounter a problem, instantly several possible solutions must come to your mind. You can not get that by learning alone. With that gift you can get MCSE on the easy TK and P4S way and still be a good systems engineer. So do not judge anybody untill you have seen him on the job... not knowing what to do. Back in 1999 I met an experienced systems engineer on my exam that failed on one exam three times and I passed three different exams. Why ? In reallity you must make other choices then you must make on exams, he had 17 years of experience, he couldn't learn it on the microsoft way. I had no experience and was blank in 1999 and learned the microsoft way and passed everytime. Now 2006 /2007 I studied TK and P4S very hard to pass the tests, but to know my thing... three computer... ISA + Exchange + Client and try even more than what is in the questions. If I had doubts on a question... sadikhov... examcollection.... google... and then most often Technet. Three days to school and every evening, saterday and sunday... browsing and learning. After every exam I knew more and the latest exams it's paytime twice 1000 points and one credential after the other... So, if your beginning... the first are the hardest but then they get easier ( if you really study ) then comes the sweet. If you just learn TK and P4S it keeps difficult. Some people love CBT nuggets, I didn't, I fall a sleep. The best are in my opinion [productbanned]s then TestOuts, then [productbanned]. [productbanned] shows how you do it on the server, the client etc. So not to get passed alone but to get qualified also. Rens