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  1. alchemy

    >>Minimum and easiest path to recertify<<<

    Guys, Your support is highly appreciated,after around a couple of years being away from the entire process ,now you made it clear once again
  2. alchemy

    >>Minimum and easiest path to recertify<<<

    Really!Thank you so much bro.... So if i took the ARCH. exam i will be CCDP certf.+recertf CCIP and CCNP in one step,ater that i can take CVOICE and proceed in CCVP...by the way do Cvoice recert. CCIP or CCNP or both?as i already took a full time course in CVOICE so may be i can take it to recertf. CCIP/CCNP then take the ARCH. as CCDA will expire in 11/2011,can i do this? Thank you so much for your efforts bro...
  3. alchemy

    >>Minimum and easiest path to recertify<<<

    But i give priority in time to CCIP and CCNP recertf.,then after this i can take ARHC. and just be CCDP right away instead of recert. CCDA... Can i make benfit of the CVOICE Course and ARCH. exam in a vey short way that could recertf. me in CCIP and CCNP and let me be CCDP. certf. and also starting the CCVP track by having CVOICE(+ the QOS from CCIP track)?or i must take completely different exams to recertf. CCIP/CCNP then get back to CCDP and CCVP?
  4. Guys, I require your experience and opinions in something ,as i am confused with the new CISCO Certs paths.... Back in 2008 i was certf. CCDA,CCIP and CCNP,i need to recertify all of them before middle of 2011. Given the fact that : 1)i started CCDP ARCH. exam preperation year ago( as this exam+CCDA+CCNP would have made me a CCDP certf.) but i stopped. 2) I took an official CVOICE Course in work 1 year ago but did not take the exam by then,and will have CIPT1&2 course very soon too. As per the previously mentioned information,I want you all to share your opnions on the best,easiest and "minimum steps" path and exams i can take to receritfy the 3 titles and in the same time can make benfit of the courses i started and did not take their exams to minimize the # of Certs to be taken..... Appreciate your usual support Bregards MOE.
  5. Dear bords, i downloaded this S/W but i could not install it on windows... Can u help me with this...?
  6. oh......,that is so complicated ,it needs some time to c if it works..... But thanks so much for the help,although i really dunno how u get these links,do u have a mobile libary of useful URL's with ya;) Your cooperation is highly appreciated flash..... Oh, I don't really know about this, sorry . Have you looked into MRTG, maybe that'll do? It is available on Windows if you follow the guide at hxxp://bmonday.com/articles/692.aspx
  7. Well not exactly .....u can say" do not monitor serial with no IP addresses(very logical),but also cannot monitor sub int's with Ip address i.e typical Site to ISP frame relay connection,i need to know what can i add to my configuration to eliminate the error condition and monitor utlization as teh ethernets do...
  8. what i do understand from ya now that 1) u do not need to configure anything additional on the router i am taking logs from but i need to do smthg on the server 2)i must place some changes on the server to be able to recognize /deal with such traps now i have a server host @ and i typed on the router i am taking logs from these commands: ************************************** logging source-interface Loopback10 logging snmp-server community<community string> RW LMS snmp-server trap link ietf snmp-server trap-source Loopback10 snmp-server enable traps isdn ietf snmp-server enable traps config-copy snmp-server enable traps config snmp-server enable traps frame-relay snmp-server enable traps frame-relay subif snmp-server enable traps syslog snmp-server enable traps l2tun session snmp-server enable traps vtp snmp-server host version 2c <key> snmp-server host version 2c <Key..> *************************************************** My Question is : which device ,command line interface(putty ,CMD,...),and specific commands i would use to be able to c FR sub int's utlization on PRTG traffic graphic located on PC with ip,as i only saw ethernets a nd loop back(thet have 0 utlization all the way)utlizations....error condition is displayed for all Serial interfaces(as they do not have an IP) and sub ints(as there are logical FR ints) Afaik as log as the MIB is installed on the router then it will report those SNMP traps back to whatever SNMP server you use. You then have to find the specific trap on your server and in most cases I'm aware of, manually enter the name of the alarm and what the values are.
  9. Sorry flash,i am not trying not to make any effort believe me ,but the title of the document is exactly what i need ,but i read it many times and cannot understand how could i implement this on a CISCO router @all?
  10. Dear Flash, Both"snmp-server enable traps frame-relay" and "snmp-server enable traps frame-relay subif.",enable SNMP traps for DLCI notifications and control changes,but do not display processing,and SNMP client only sees ethernets processing,and sees DLCI /FR notifications and even the serials utlization but not the SUB interfaces(in general any logical interfaces except loopbacks as the loopback int. itself takes an IP)
  11. Dear All, After a few search i did not find any direct command for monitoring FR subinterface using SNMP,is there any work around? OR Cisco routers are simply not capable of monitoring FR sub int.'s processing?
  12. Dear All, If u we have a tunnel running on a frame relay sub interface, how could we monitor the link using SNMP? to make it easier: how could we enable SNMP link status processing for a Frame Relay subinterface on CISCO routers? I only found the commands needed for Juniper Routers....
  13. alchemy

    Confusing Issue...!

    It depends what will the staic route point to...if its point towards interface that is really there like serial interface or sub interface(i.e cannot delete its name) it wont be discarded even if the serial is shut down but if the static route is pointing towards a Purely logical port like dialer or loopback interfaces ,if these ints does not exist the static route will Vanish! Hi all I think when we will configure Static Route fo a network, it will show in routing table and if interface will goes down but static entry will never removed from routing table. is that true or not thanks Upen
  14. alchemy

    >>iscw Sdm Question<<<

    Till now i have some confusion with the exact full answer...,need some sort of confirmation... Configure a site to site VPN with step wizard. Choose your serial interfaces to establish the peer relationship or where your VPN will be established. Then, choose your LAN IP subnets where traffic should start and end, and will be encrypted.