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  1. Wow, the answers to most of your questions varies with the type of hardware you used. I can get a cheap Netgear wireless from for $9 at Amazon which it barely work two rooms down in my house or I can get a Cisco Airnet with a Cantenna that I can get it to work with 2 blocks 1/4 miles.
  2. that's right. You are not support to use a Raid card with any type of tape drive. Like it said, its a raid card. Even thou you can plug stuff in.
  4. If you go to their official site, there is a forum. There are a lot of "how to begin" section there. I personally recommend you at least getting a wireless router at home.
  5. I ordered my 3rd edition today. I should get it tomorrow. If I find something new, I will post something here.
  6. It's actually a hidden spy system by Bin Landen to spy on the US Navy.
  7. Maybe you can begin with whats your plan on using the laptop? Work or school? What applications? PC Gaming? If you're not sure. You can begin by getting yourself a used Ipaq. It has word, excel, Internet, and card games for $150.
  8. No way. Creative speakers are weak. Dude, the company make circuit boards. Just picture this. A bunch of master degree single 26 year old guys couldn't get a day working at Creative engineering sound board with an soldering iron. No idea what music people are listening too out there and they all listen to classical music. That's creative. If you like, get yourself some Creative. Hardcore "PC" music lover and gamer uses THX certified Klipsch. Again, this people primarily make speakers, not circuit boards. Go to your local Best Buy and try them out. Pop the thing real loud and you can tell the difference.
  9. If you go back and try again, the links will work. Took me almost 10 hours to get all 4 CDs. I'm in San Jose, US.
  10. What's the problem? Any error?
  11. Another thing is if you are hosting a web server on those 15K rpm. Don't waste your money unless you are running heavy traffic like Yahoo or MSN. Get those 15K only when you need it like database server.
  12. Your machine might be caching the hotmail and Yahoo stuff locally. First turn off the Netstat stuff. You really don't need it since you are dialing up. I mean, how much more do you want out of a modem. Emptying your IE cache may slow everything down so its up to you to empty or now. Good luck.
  13. You can use RCMD from your resourse kit where you can remotely issue command to a server like "rmcd \\server dir"
  14. You can do the cost per page yourself. Just add the hours you spent fixing it, toners, paper, fuser maintenance, etc. Good luck.
  15. Hmmm, have you consider getting a Dell for $400 with 3 year support? I'm a hardcore overclocker and I'm using a Dell. My hard drive got fried couple months ago, I pickup the phone, and Bang, got another one next business day. No, I don't oc my Dell. Aside of that, I have an AMD server where I overclock big time. I personally like Asus. People who fried their own motherboard usually (not all) the one that has no idea what they are doing. I build PC for people and due to finincial reason, brand of motherboard varies. For almost 10 years, not a single bad motherboard even after 2 years of usage.