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  1. hi i m sorry to ask but what is D2C . and what is the signaling u are using on both side regards
  2. Hi, these rule are showing 1 any no starting with 6 and is of variable length is prefixed with 96 ie 612345>>>>>>>> 96612345 2. same with others , any no starting with 9 and is of variable length is prefixed with 99 ie 912345>>>>>>>>>>> 99912345 3. any no starting with 8 and is of variable length is prefixed with 98 ie 812345>>>>>>>>>>. 98812345 I suppose these translation is toward the voip dial peer as this is the new way for inter-digit time out hope this helps regards
  3. HI, I was just going through ur update , and i guess the problem is of time slot. test these thing 1. from the resp modem , provide the local loop( ie loop to ur own router ) which modem r u using ascom, dlink, or ctc result should be up/looped on the router . if this is the result ur router card is working 95% 2. send loop to remote side ie from one site to other site and see what is the result I suppose u have done this test site a to site b >>>>>>>>. site b is shown up/looped but site b to site a >>>>>>>>>>> is falling 3. if send is the case , to to site a mater modem( ie modem in exchange ) test 4 wire loop towards the site a( ie make a e1 loop and put is in ur e1 modem) and get the result is u r geting up/looped . 4. Then their is defiantly problem of the time slot , at one side u are using full 2 m but on other side u are using a bit less ask the bsnl guys to give u loop from the site exchange fiber toward site a and see the result 5 also u have give the loop from the site b to site a and ask at each exchange what is speed of the loop is it is 2048 or 1984 or less ( also check ur modem for what speed they are configured to) If still this does not solve problem , let me know , i will give to my no and we can have small chat regards
  4. Hi, use "Display (Internal Caller ID) " and "ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID)" for Display text for a line appearance is intended for displaying text such as a name instead of a directory number for internal calls. If you specify a number, the person receiving a call may not see the proper identity of the caller. in the > phone> line(DN) field hope this helps regards
  5. HI try this site regards
  6. Hi, use "Cisco Unified CM Groups " to make the 2/3 groups of order list of ccm apply the to device pool and have fun
  7. HI , Go for H323 protocol , if will have many option , For easy i=option u can chose the MGCP. look in GW and GK book regrads
  8. hi, rember these thing SRST feature is enable at the remote site ( which do not have CCM on its LAN). Generally it is the default GW of the remote site , but is not necessary it is not necessary that every remote site will be having srst , some site does not requires as their is organization requirement ( suppose the company can work with out the ph for some time , until their is wan outage). and the organization does not want to spend money this will be typical eg , if customer doesn't have the ccm at all , so srst work as permanent cal routing function hope his helps regards
  9. Hi, i m not sure , but try to disable the csa on pub and then installed the sub regards
  10. Hi , just wanted to add , map class frame-relay and class map is logical qos parameter, some of this kind include l2 and some include the layer 3 only( different qos mechanism has different assumptions) where as the packet transfer on the wire is on the clocking speed ie if we have 2 MBPS interface ( clocked at 2 Mbps) and configured the map-class frame-relay cir 64 , then the data which u will be transferring from the prospective of upper layer will be on 64 K , but at layer 1 it will be on 2mbps itself hope it helped u regards
  11. Hi check the ip phone configuration web page if the external phone mask is configured also is this option is checked when u are using the RP or TP regards
  12. hi U can see this in certification talks. ur CCVP does not shows the no's they only shows the certification . for eg u have pass the old QOS exam , and have rectified it and do all other exam(pass) , u will still get the CCVP. also u ca see this in ur certification login hxxps:// Regards
  13. hi, if u are a ccie, a company can not use ur no, without u are attaching ur no , but say if they does just drop a mail to cisco , they will then be asking the company an offer leter and legal document to prove that they have employed u , and if u are employed then also the company need ur permission to attache ur no(through cco) believe me , i have an experience . also cisco audit their partner and the person who are giving the permission for the no association and even they look into different address of the company and ur address in ur cco login regards
  14. hi , the ans to ur quest is and in installation ,there was qustion " is it 1st node in the cluster ?", >>>>>>>>>>>>>> NO ( will make the sub) regards
  15. hi, It depend on the company to company , but generally it is b/w 500 ms ~ 650 ms , and the customer is know that they will be some delay in voip due to the vsat link hope this help regards