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  1. skybaba

    IKEA Lack as cheap rack

  2. skybaba

    IPexpert vs IEWB Voice workbooks

    I'd recommend IP Expert Voice workbooks anyday!!! When I was preparing for my lab, I used both workbooks and I must say that the IP Expert ones were way better. The difference was definitely clear! Another thing I would recommend would be to get the IP Expert Video on Demand (VoD) The videos for version 2 were presented by Mark Snow, then Vik Malhi runs through the actual configurations....in my opinion, these videos were EXCELLENT!!!! I know Internetwork Expert are really good with R&S and SP, but while I was preparing for my voice-lab I didn't think they got their acts together......though that may be different now.
  3. Sadikhov, Oh Sadikhov...........

  4. skybaba

    What *i* Did To Pass The Ccie Lab

    Just wanted to let you all know I got my CCIE Voice on 1st attempt! I had my lab attempt in San Jose. I'm still in the US and I'm EXETREMELY tired. I'll type up a full mail when I get back to the UK next-week. Rgrds, Skybaba
  5. skybaba

    Help from CCVPs out there

    Few things.... I'd say start simple, strip off the config and walk your way up. Obviously, if this is a live environment, then you might wanna tread with caution....though I wouldn't use VLAN 1 in a live environment. I would also run debug ephone registration to see if the phones are actually getting the option 150 information from your DHCP. One thing you haven't mentioned is the status of the phones.......what status messages do you see? Have you erased the phone config? Sometimes, phones can be pretty stubborn letting go of old config. Hope that helps.......
  6. skybaba

    Gatekeeper in Linux

    Check out OpenH323 Gatekeeper I haven't used it before, but as with lots of open source projects, it should be quite good. Rgrds, Skybaba
  7. skybaba

    Preparing a CCVP job interview

    yes i did but i am having issue with cluster setup on ADS integration. if you can please help me on this one. looking fwd hear from you. buzz me on my yahoo. Not yet matey. I'm thinking of installing it this weekend. Rgrds, Skybaba
  8. skybaba

    Preparing a CCVP job interview

    @ Mfondoum Well, I guess it alll depends on the type of company you'll be working with and how specialized they are in what they do. Is the role going to be strictly voice, or would you be doing other stuff? Is the company's voice network very large? If it's a large enterprise, then it might be worth it going through some gatekeeper stuff before the interview. I believe that was one area that helped me secure my present job. Also, it would make sense to try and read up some stuff on Unity. Unity is an inevitable component of any Cisco IPT deployment. I guess there are loads more stuff you can cover, but here's another suggestion.....Pray hard before going (I mean it). I've been to an interview before where the interviewer and I ended up talking about football. We actually supported the same football club and so we spent a large part of the interview discussing the Premiership @ Chikkis Have you installed IPCC on VMware?? Regards, Skybaba
  9. skybaba

    Status message!

    :lol: maybe he thought that you're gonna ask some thing Really F-U-N-N-Y!!!!!!!! The strange thing is I've sort of associated both of you together in my brain. I believe my first encounter with you both was on a thread about Softphones. @ VMAX I don't quite agree with you. Hence the reason I was asking which version of CCM. I don't think the "Your current options" is configurable from Softkey Template. Rgrds, Skybaba
  10. Yes mate, you can run AA on CME without Unity Express. Here's a link I found useful. .ccieblog.com/2009/01/24/b-acd-in-a-nutshell/"]B-ACD in a nutshell Though this post is focused on B-ACD (Basic Automatic Call Distribution), it's just a conjunction of AA with some queuing mechanism and hunt-groups so I believe you would find the link useful. I've been able to implement this successfully in my home-lab using Dynamips/GNS. Hope it helps Skybaba
  11. skybaba

    Status message!

    @ VMAX, What version of CCM are you able to change this in softkey template? @ Zalas, It's very straight-forward to change this on CME, however, it's not that straight-forward on CCM. Do a google search and you'll see a solution.....but tread softly cos I don't think the solution is cisco-supported on CCM.
  12. skybaba

    XML Services

    Some guys use it for work control. When folks get to work , they sign in using a service on their IP Phone. I think it's cool being able to implement stuff like that using XML services Rgrds, Skybaba
  13. skybaba

    CISCO 3524-XL PWR Switch

    Well, if you're running 4 phones, that's 4 Cubes, so I guess it all adds up. I also use the switch in my Home-Lab and it does the job Rgrds, Skybaba
  14. skybaba

    CIPT or CallManager Documentation

    Well, if you can get your hands on Jeremy's CIPT video (for CCM v4.1) I think it would be a good place to start. While it may make sense to first go through CVoice or even CCNA Voice, you've mentioned that you aren't cert-focused at this point, so Jeremy's video should address a lot of the things you're looking for. I think Jeremy does a good job of explaining CCM installation, setup, configuration and management. With regards CCNA Voice and CVoice, they're two totally different exams. I haven't had a chance to go through CCNA voice topics in-depth, but I believe it would be the best place to start your cert-drive towards Cisco's voice qualification. While CCNA voice is Cisco's Associate level certification towards the voice track, CVoice is part of 5 exams you need pass in order to obtain Cisco's professional level certification (CCVP). There would definitely be some overlap between CCNA Voice and CVoice. HTH's Rgrds, Skybaba
  15. skybaba

    GNS3 vs Real Cisco Hardware

    I think it boils down to the amount of stuff you would like to achieve. Depending on what you're learning or preparing for, you can do quite a lot of stuff with GNS3. Depending on the size of your pocket, you can decide to mix-and-match. What I've done in my lab is to run some stuff on Dynamips/GNS3, and some stuff on my home network. Then I bridged the two together, so I'm able to hook it up with my cheap 1751 voice router that has got FXS and FXO. I'm planning to buy an NM-2V/NM-HDV for my 2600 so I can use it as a dedicated transcoding resource. You can get lots of ideas from BlingHog(dot)net. Josh has got some really decent videos explaining how to hook up GNS3 to your real network.......this in my opinion gives you endless possibilities Rgrds, Skybaba