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  1. Ashraf

    My Wedding

    agree with cracker .. anyways congratulations Nafessa
  2. Ashraf

    Helpp Needed About A Spyware

    also download hijackthis and select Delete file on start up option
  3. Ashraf

    Unable To Erase Data Partition Mbr

    if nothing else worked then use DM to low level format ur HHD then build MBR
  4. Ashraf

    Mozilla Firefox-1.5 Buffer-overflow Exploit

    thanx for the info dear .. but so u may need to change the topic title thanx
  5. Ashraf

    Configuration Rules Of Firewalls

    for sorry no .. but did u search google and didn't find the manual ?
  6. Ashraf

    How To Configure A Firewall

    great answer andyf thanx ... and cavitenio I prefer that u read the manual that comes with ur firewall
  7. Hi there I found this somewhere on the net also found this : Use Regedt32 to navigate to: as u know editing registry can be dangerous ... so do it on ur own risk ...plz save a copy of registry b4 editing it ... Ashraf
  8. if u dont have anit spyware install one ... 1-do full scan 2- go to network and dailup connection and delete all dailup connections that u didnt install
  9. ok really informative topic billnight .. thanx
  10. Ashraf

    Ip Address Issue

    hey dear whoiam would u plz post the script somewhere ?
  11. Ashraf

    Error Description 0x8004010f In Outlook

    this link may help u http://search.microsoft.com/search/info.aspx?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsupport.microsoft.com%2Fdefault.aspx%3Fscid%3Dkb%3Ben-us%3B905813&n=6&na=51&c=10&fp=3&st=b&na=88&View=en-us&qu=0x8004010f+ also search google and microsoft.com
  12. Ashraf

    Hardware Problem

    ... I have mush less resources and it takes less time ... anyways chowdary try to test ur physical RAM and HHD
  13. billnight did u try to connect the same usb device to other computers ? and thanx for the information
  14. Ashraf

    I Need A Help

    where did u try to open the folder ? at the same computer that u used to lock it ?
  15. Ashraf

    True Love :)

    I like Mehboob thanx so much