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  1. MOH and phone Ringtones in CME

    Guys I've copied .raw file in flash:/ringtones folder and specified it in RingList.xml file which is also in flash:/ringtones. The ringtone isn't working. Should ringtones and RingList.xml be located in flash: but not in flash:/ringtones?
  2. question about etherchannel

    guys hello. another one question about etherchannel. let's suppose that 8 links are bundled into 1 etherchannel. does it mean that data transfer takes 8 times less than without using etherchannel? or does it mean that the number of links in the etherchannel bundle is equal the number of times reduced for data transfer?
  3. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    By the way, it seemed to me that 3650 PoE series are a bit more expensive than 3750 PoE. Am I right?
  4. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    This price is too low for 3750 series even used, isn't it. At least I did not find even 3560 for this price. I ordered 2 c3560-48-PS (with PoE) for $299 each. P.S. Could you give me a link on 3750 for around $200?
  5. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    Well for my home lab of course I do not need all 24|48 ports to be with PoE support. But walking through a lot of offers on ebay it seemed to me that there is a minor difference (in terms of price) between TS and PS versions on 3560 series. The same story with 24 ports vs. 48 ports.
  6. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    Probably I will need PoE in the future if take the decision to earn VOICE certification. Anyway I did not find the model of 3560 series without power inline.
  7. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    Please have a look on it. Is it suitable for CCNP SWITCH purposes? http://www.ebay.com/itm/230941535407
  8. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    In other words you mean it would be better to have all L3 switches in home lab? Another question: does it worth to buy 3560 series only for two reasons: advanced QoS and Private VLAN support? (in terms of CCNP SWITCH course and probably futures VOICE tracks).
  9. CCNP Home Lab please advise

    Hi guys. Please give me some advice concerning the topic. I am about to obtain 3560 x 2 and 2950 x 2. Would this seres of switches and amount of them enough for today's CCNP SWITCH or it would be better to add something?
  10. Hi guys. At the moment I use 14" Asus laptop for the following tasks: - Internet browsing - pdf files reading - vmware workstation network emulating - several applications for remote connection such as RDP, Telnet, SSH. - other tools related to Windows/Cisco administration On my current laptop I feel that I need much more display space and 1366x768 resolution is extremely insufficient. If MBPR 13" with 2560х1600 will be released it would be great, BUT, will I be able to run all the Windows applications on Macbook Pro? (if yes, then how exactly it would be possible?) I would like to move on macbook (macbook and not mac os) but Windows software availability (for system/network administration) is of great importance.
  11. Privilage configuration

    Hello guys. Please do clarify a couple of issues concerning configuring privilege for user. Let's suppose I need my assistant to provide privilege to configure interfaces. I suppose the configuration should be in this way: username assistant privilege number secret assistant enable secret level number assistant command Now the questions are: 1. Does the number in command make any sense? 2. What command should be typed in the line for providing privilege to configure interfaces?
  12. Default gateway question

    In your case the addressing scheme would be the following: - network number - first host usable address - last host usable address - broadcast address It is up to you which IP address to assign to your DG. As a rule, the first or the last one is assigned to DG.
  13. 101 Labs for CCNP

    Hi guys. Is there anybody who has bought this book? http://www.amazon.com/101-Labs-Cisco-CCNP-Exams/dp/0956989209 If there is anyone please tell me is it possible to do these labs in gns3?
  14. Good time of day. In 2005 I got my MCSA 2003 certification. Since that time I have not been visited my profile for a long time. Initially it was ok with getting access to it. Recently I tried to access to it but got the following: The Windows Live ID is incorrect. Please try again. I made the request to Microsoft support team and received the following questions: Domain name associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> Billing address associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> Alternate email address associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> Year of birth associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> Then I received the second mail with the following questions: 1. First and last name 2. Phone number 3. Billing address 4. Domain name (ABC.com) or fourth level domain (ends with officelive.com) 5. Windows Live ID (email ID used to sign up for the Microsoft Office Live account) Could anyone who was faced with the same problem give any clue what exactly information they need from me. Especially I have no idea about the following: Domain name associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> Billing address associated with the Microsoft Office Live account: <Required> 3. Billing address 4. Domain name (ABC.com) or fourth level domain (ends with officelive.com) Thanks in advance.
  15. NAT problem

    Thank for explanation. Could you pleae clarify another couple of issues: 1. Do this problem occurs only between local area networks? 2. Is there any solution for this issue?