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  1. Dead? it may well be show me yours ospf and eigrp configs
  2. you could do something like this
  4. Set the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to use mixed mode security, enable secure SIP call signaling, and use port 5061. See the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Security Guide for your release for instructions on configuring mixed mode with the Cisco CTL Client. You can locate the security guides in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Maintain and Operate Guides. This solution applies to the following supported devices: Sony Xperia Z1 (Android OS 4.2 to Android OS 4.4 latest) Sony Xperia ZR/A (Android OS 4.1.2 to Android OS 4.4 latest) Sony Xperia Z2 (Android OS 4.4.x) Sony Xperia M2 (Android OS 4.3)
  5. If the default list is not set, only the local user database is checked. This has the same effect as the following command: aaa authentication login default local Best reference is here
  6. move fsmo using command line explain NSSA and where/how you would find/use that type of configuration
  8. this is very slick as well
  9. never heard a thing from him
  10. I could go to $400usd on successful transfer
  11. ip default gateway ?
  12. i think this is a good descrition of what you are experiencing
  13. inter-vlan routing and filter against your sub-ifs example here
  14. just locate it where there is IP reachability from all management address's in your network, I presume you want to use AAA ?
  15. I think you will only find that length of course in PAK/IND/CHINA/THAI