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  1. rayroytz

    Hard Code Password Detection

    Hello All, Any one knows how to detect hard code password in the source file, whether using a tool or Kali linux scan command.Please share with me
  2. Hi Guys I have samsung s3 if i use 3G network susbriber (Mobile data) I CAN'T browser internet or play store for download apps but other services like whatsap works perfect. if I use wifi every services work fine mean I can brwoser internet,whatsap and also play store using Mozila as the browser.It say proxy setting any help will be great
  3. Hi guys Am try to install ubuntu OS on my vmware version 7.1.3 it give the following error error 1 ----> serial0: unable to lauch virtual printer proxy:The system cannot find the files specified then if i click ok it give me this error error 2 -----> Operating system not found any help I will be happy thanks
  4. Hi Guys I got an Assessment for the IT Help Desk position.The assessment will be condacted in the lab with Reed recrutment Any one know anything about this kind of assessment plz let me knw Thanks
  5. rayroytz

    Windows Problem

    I try you solution I didn't work The problem is the browser fail to connect or direct to any website that mean i cant browse.their nothing to do with electric as i can download update and ping domain
  6. I guys I have windows XP computer that fail to browser internet.I can ping the site from command line and i can download the update (windows update,Antivirus update) But when I open browser it does not connect to any website.I have test internet explore and Opera.I was check on the internet how to fix some say i have to restore TCP/IP I have done that no result still the same problem Any new ideas I will be happy to try
  7. Hi Guys have laptop running win XP Prof,few day ago it was working fine but now every time I try to browser using google chrome it stack and prompt error 118 I have scan my register and fix the file error but still the error appear,any other ways mringy
  8. rayroytz

    Black screen of death

    Yes I can not see the first screen (login screen).I have try to change the RAM and use the other one from other laptop,but any promise outcomes.
  9. Hi Guys I have laptop running windows Vista.Two days ago I just shut-down and when I turn on it gave me black screen.i know the video card work bcz when.I turn on the screen flash.but no access to desktop to login I try to reboot using recovery and operation system cd but no any outcomes it just keep on hung at black screen any trick to fix it I will be happy to try Thanks Ray
  10. Hi Any one have the codes or know the link for the Network packet sniffer in java programming language Please send to me Urgent Ray
  11. rayroytz

    Bios setting problem

    Hi All I have laptop HP PAVILION dv2000 I want to install Windows it gave me any error below ************************************************************************* make sure any hard disk drives are powerd on and properly connected to your computer,and that any disk-related hardware configure is correct.this may involve running a manufacture-supplied diagnostic or setup program Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3 ********************************************************* There is one solution which work pertect to other computer see link ---techrena.[websitebanned]/2008/10/how-to-install-your-own-wndows-xp-in-hp.html which is to disable SATA at the Bios but in my laptop there is no Bios disable option Any new solution Thanks
  12. rayroytz

    Wine drop on the keyboard

    I have laptop wine drop on it the keyboard stop working no screen do not display any thing any solution?
  13. rayroytz

    Laptop battery

    Hi I just want to konw iit true if you connect adaptor cable to the laptop event if the charge in the battery is full.After some time like 6+ month the battery will not be able to store power like before?
  14. rayroytz

    hard disks

    it does not show in the diskmgmt.msc and I have data which are very important I can't format the hd
  15. rayroytz

    hard disks

    seagate model st9120821A HDD detected but not show in my computer Any help