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  1. duser2k3

    Vpn Access Vulnerability

    A VPN is used to define a tunnel. The traffic through the tunnel itself is controlled by what machines you want to permit access thru the VPN and what ports you want that access to be limited to.Unlimited access to the network via VPN definitely leaves you as vulnerable as letting someone with an unscanned computer connect to the network. Cheers Duser
  2. duser2k3

    Probs With Webcam

    Well, to begin with, one must at least provide the complete details of the problem before that. Cheers Duser
  3. duser2k3


    I know why I cannot be an industrial psychologist; can never think on those lines, I guess. Cheers Duser
  4. duser2k3

    Probs With Webcam

    And you missed harsh_puri's post, my post and the remainder of whoami55's post? Cheers Duser
  5. duser2k3

    Probs With Webcam

    This is a relevant q. It implies - Are u getting poor results when using the manufacturer's software as well. Lets isolate this to a webcam or internet issue.Cheers Duser
  6. duser2k3

    Internet Connection Is Slow From Client Pc

    Sorry to break up any Idol Worship, but thought I could pitch in my 2c worth.a. What kind of network setup do you have? Do you suspect a network delay b. What kind of hardware are you using for the proxy including disk specs c. How did scree...m infer that you are using ISA server for the proxy? Did you? d. Did u ensure that the network utilization is not significant or that when u attempt to browse from the proxy server and from the client machine, u attempt at the same instant and experience time differences? e. Are u attempting the test using the same urls? From a quick look at the way you have described the problem, looks like your network path could be using hubs that may be affecting performance or even the network card connected to the internal interface could be a low performer. It could also be disk usage (caching on normal proxies uses the hard disk a lot) and perhaps disabling caching could be a good check. Guess I will pick up your response here when you communicate with your Idol. Cheers Duser Striked content edited
  7. Assuming you are using Windows since the rest of the post matches that notion. Have you heard of a DOS Command call "attrib"a. Launch a command prompt b. Go to the parent folder of this hidden folder c. Give a command like "attrib -h *.*" There are other flags to remove the system attribute as well "attrib -s -h *.*" Post on progress. Cheers Duser
  8. If that works for shared folders, it shud work for system shares. If it doesn't try using a mapped drive. Does that work?[Edit Start]I never knew that there was anything special about system shares except that they were 'by default' and not advertised. [Edit end] Cheers Duser
  9. And while you are there, get a grab of other stuff that these guys have produced. I am a walking talking advocate for sysinternals (originally sysinternals.com, the url now redirects to the ms site). Cheers Duser
  10. duser2k3

    How To Fix Windows Update

    Dont bother scre..m . This guy is just SPAM. The active links were to undesired sites to add spywares. Cheers Duser
  11. Well, This is what I had done a while back for another company - a. Get yourself a syslog software (KIWI Syslog), the free version shud do b. Install and configure for log to be written to file c. Change your pix config to use this machine as the logging server and use appropriate level of logging. I put it at max for the period that I wanted to monitor d. Check if you get logs appearing on your PC in the Syslog application. I wrote a custom app that parses this log, aggregates traffic and helps identify which user is consuming what bandwdith. I can provide that app source and you can use it. I am assuming you are not planning to build a commercial software with my code. Cheers Duser
  12. Assuming you have already applied for the job, a. Relook the company details - what the company is into, its strong points, areas of growth etc b. Relook at job requirements and match personal strengths against each category c. Relook at one's own resume to recall every bit of information that is written in it and relate how it maps closely to the company's requirement d. Eat something that makes you feel happy (not necessarily healthy) e. Make sure you get there on time in a presentable physical state. Trust me, if you do all those and if you are good at what you do (your job), there is no way anything can keep you out of the company you want to join. Almost every interview I conduct, I evaluate all points except (d) and based on this, I am able to gauge the seriousness of the candidate. As an interviewer, the key things that interest me are a. Commitment b. Honesty and straightforwardness c. Skill and application I am not so much for presentation, but you dont want to lose a new opportunity cause you failed to shave or tie your hair up (I incidentally have long hair and no offence intended for women). Cheers Duser
  13. I am not sure what your exact problem with assigning the ip address to another computer is. I mean go ahead and assign the ip address to another computer. Make sure that the DNS server that is authoritative for the domain has this ip and name on it. Make sure that you are using this DNS server on all clients and you will see that the new name now resolves to this new ip address. Now coming to the mystery of why the ghost of your old servrer is still resolving. I will combine the answers listed here and then move forward a. Your DNS cache - you have already cleared it using ipconfig/flushdns b. Your Netbios cache - you can clear it by using nbtstat -R (not a clear in the strictest of terms) c. Your DNS servers - you say that you have checked all listed DNS servers and none of them contain an entry to this machine d. Your WINS servers - you say that you have cleared those as well. Here is what I suggest you can also do e. Check if LMHosts lookup has been enabled and this machine is listed in that file. f. Check if you have your DNS servers forwarding unresolved addresses to another server? Check if they have this ip on them A DC entry does not cause name resolution to happen. Your problem is a forward name resolution of a ghost machine. So dont bother with the DC thing yet. Here are some other things that I would do as well a. Remove all dns servers and wins servers from the local machine (tcp settings) b. Clear all cache c. Try a ping d. Add one DNS server at a time and repeat the ping e. Add the WINS servers (one at a time) and repeat the ping The ping resulting in a name resolution indicates the guilty part. Check and keep us posted. Cheers Duser
  14. duser2k3

    Con Folder

    Absolutely, there are a whole lot more like com1, com2 and so on. Infact MS has made it more user friendly to understand why as well. a. Launch notepad b. Save the file as "com1" with the quotes. The quotes are used to override the default .txt extension that files get if saved without the quotes. c. And here is the verbatim Notepad error message you can try it with the other elements such as con etc as well Cheers Duser