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  1. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    bitspyder account disabled

    Moderators, please close this thread / delete this thread. Sadikhov has no relation with Bitspyder / or BS!
  2. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Half way through and its all downhill from here

    Great so as I read this, you are already out of Kabul Or must be taking your connecting flight Home awaits with Champagne!!!
  3. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Half way through and its all downhill from here

    Happy to see you survived the ordeal and back home happy and kicking... Back home it is 30 degrees C. Kind of hot!
  4. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Half way through and its all downhill from here

    Take my recommendation stick to Spain. France weather hasn't been exceptional, may be the riviera side. I wish you good luck, strength and courage for the challenge ahead (No patrnonizing intended, only good wishes) Cheers!
  5. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Half way through and its all downhill from here

    Mark, so the worst is behind you. But the weather around the English channel has been worse. So may be its good to have some sun that side, along with ahm.. cough .. bomb... smoke.. cough cough
  6. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Combined CEH/CISSP Course (UK)

    Hi, Mostly if you are from information security specially CISSP, I can assure you not many politicians remain. People who end up doing CISSP are very serious people. In the end when you have that certification under your belt, it is nothing else but like a Doctorate from Oxford or something. I am not in US. I am right across the English Channel You can go through the course cirricullum of CISSP and CEH atleast go through the website. The best part of infosec is it is very uniform so not much bureaucracy as you think there is. Cheers!
  7. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Combined CEH/CISSP Course (UK)

    Hi You have great experience, I recommend you go for both and yes these certificaations are much more popular in US than rest of the world. I find barely any awareness: leave aside a bootcamp. CISSP is MBA of information security. So yeah getting that is a great idea. Getting a CEH is like getting bachelors but again a good to have. Please allow me to inform you that CEH is not managerial; CISSP is. Yes if you go through the training; you can pass CEH. There are a ton of cerfications. In the end we have to choose a few. If you have chosen information security to go further with. There are a couple of more certifications. There is a forum I visit from time to time called ethicalhacker DOT net (Not advertising) Cheers!
  8. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Combined CEH/CISSP Course (UK)

    How many years of experience do you have? If it is + 7 years go for CISSP, below that you can go for CEH. My personal viewpoint, these bootcamps are just a quickie when you pay the price for the whole night If you know what I mean. I would recommend you rather pickup the book.
  9. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    Although tired of reporting spam.
  10. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    MIP - You are the only Moderator active it seems. Good luck and keep up the good work. Mark - Yeah I wanted to say that for long, considering you are a privacy freak yourself. Cheers!
  11. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Tor on an iphone4

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onion-browser/id519296448?mt=8 Doesn't work?
  12. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Crap ISP's who would you not recommend?

    That is a pretty old post dug up for advertising I would say.
  13. That is how you got all those certifications that you boast in your signature? Bitch please! People like you make people like us worthless.
  14. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    Any Orange Book material still on CISSP

    Nope. I just know the common criteria. Is it something I should know of. BTW do you know common criteria has now changed?
  15. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

    need u r valuable suggestions

    Normally I don't respond to these posts. I will make it an exception. Dude it all depends on your education, how you project yourself apart from just certification. B.Tech's normally have a offer in hand while passing out what happened? No Infosys, Wipro, TCS? If you are really really interested I mean really really interested - Go for CCNA first. See if you can get a job after that - Try small networking companies. There are a ton of them I tell you. Wipro Infotech, HCL Comnet they all need people all the time. Infact Aricent Technologies Gurgaon - You can try that. But the problem with India and the mentality is - Shortcut. There are no shortcuts. You would want to brain dump your way out of the exam to get a certificate but then you end up rubbing off the shoe-sole for years. So do a CCNA, study well. Buy the book - Practice well on GNS3. Read everything that is their on this forum. Mind you it is not an easy job, it is very boring and at times stuck inside the racks you will almost choke yourself to death. If you don't get a job, after your CCNA, you would know which track to take i,e Security, desgining, configuration & maintenance. In other words CCNP, CCSP or CCDA etc. Mostly CCNA you don't get shit! To be honest. Just in case if you do don't stop there. Continue your certification - For that is THE only way you can have your 50K+ INR salary after 4 years (Minimum) experience. Plus read the forum previous posts. Read what people have to say. By posting at Sadikhov it shows you are motivated as well as confused. It is a good sign. You will work hard. Just don't keep contemplating or procastinating. Cheers!