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  1. Centronix

    Need CBT-Nuggets 642-446 and 642-456

    They are not out yet. The first thing you should've done is to check the CBT website. You can only get the old
  2. Centronix

    hunt group

    Congratulations. I assume you'll be tackling CVOICE soon?
  3. This is a fantastic discovery. Well done fedko. I'm preparing for the same exam and will make a booking for next week Friday
  4. Centronix

    hunt group

    This sound about right. All the best for the exam
  5. To confirm Ejetson's answer, you need to finish the CCVP track to get a cert. I would also advise doing the CCNAV sometime because I don't think anyone can finish all CCVP exams in about 2 months. All the best
  6. Centronix

    CCVP pre-requisites

    To add on what Collegekid said, CCNAV material is very similar to CVOICE. After studying for CCNAV, it can take you 2 to 3 weeks to prepare for CVOICE. CCNAV is a very good course. I'm doing final prep for the CVOICE exam.
  7. Centronix

    CIPT2 Self Study Guide

    I don't understand what kind of info you are looking for. Can you be a bit specific
  8. 500 hrs is pushing it a bit too much. I don't think anyone would finish the track in such a short time. I think 3 weeks prep for each exam is the fastest one can do it... But then again that's just me
  9. This is an interesting read indeed. I'm taking Cvoice in 2 weeks and then will get onto CIPT1. It would be nice to know how you do in your exam tomorrow Superman. All the best man
  10. Centronix

    cisco 6500 question

    I think I found a solution for you: Try this: Router(config)# slave auto-sync config Router(config)# end Router# copy system:running-config nvram:startup-config For more info, check: hxxp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/fundamentals/command/reference/cf_s3.html#wp1026371
  11. Centronix

    Advice for BCMSN

    I had a similar problem with a simulator in one of the exams I've taken. Unfortunately there's nothing much we can do about the simulators. They claim we can notify the testing centre then log a case with Cisco but past 'victims' haven't had much luck with that. Your scorecard tells you where you didn't do well. Focus on those areas. Good luck for the future
  12. Centronix

    cisco 6500 question

    Here's the link to help you out: hxxp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/catos/8.x/configuration/guide/flash.html
  13. Centronix

    CCVP pre-requisites

    All the exams... unfortunately
  14. Why did you choose 444 over 446 and 556? Just out of curiosity. Anyway here's the link to the Exam Topics: hxxps://cisco.hosted.jivesoftware.com/community/certifications/ccvp/cipt_4.x?view=overview
  15. Centronix


    This is a perfect answer. I couldn't have explained it better myself. Profeta, it's just as Lostchild put it.