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    SQL Server 2005 Log Files

    You can using Shrink procedure to truncate log files
  2. Dear All! I have a Database running on MS SQL 2005 Express. I install MS SQL 2005 Enterprise on a new server and restore a database from SQL 2005 Express. How to update database engine, etc for new database on sql 2005 enterprise Thanks
  3. IT VN

    Resume Blunders

    Thanks for share
  4. IT VN

    ~passed~ 70-293

    Congrats on your pass.
  5. IT VN

    ~passed~ 70-294

    Yesterday i have passed the 294 exam with 42 questions and 3 sims The question similar in TK and P4S Especially thank to Edmom , All members of Sadikhov for your help.
  6. IT VN

    ~passed~ 70-297 Finally Mcse In Messaging.

    Congrats for your pass
  7. Now i have certified is MCSA on Windows 2003 after i has passed exam 291 with 960 points. The Questions very similar in P4S Ver 2.4 Specially thanks to "SADIKHOV"