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  1. SIP is simple than H.323. and every, almost every voip product in the world now supports SIP.
  2. Sorry i meant CUCM image, ISO
  3. if you have CUCM IOS look at that one. unity should be in that IOS too..
  4. then you can install it only on vmware!
  5. hi there, first you should start with books, study guides.. then you can download from internet Callmanager and install it on vmware. there are a lot of soft phones for free. and also check, you will find it helpful:) good luck!
  6. you cant install CUCM on any hp or ibm server. did you buy CUCM from cisco? if not then you can install it only on vmware for testing purposes.
  7. Thank YOU very much!!!
  8. there is no command like this - ip nat bla bla firewall syntax is not same with router and I now that I can use this - static ( inside,outside) x.x.x.x YYY YYY but what about rest of network? i need the other network use the same ip - for internet. and advice?
  9. Hi people, how is there? need some help. I have firewall with inside and outside interfaces. and 1 public ip address, let's say x.x.x.x i have configured PAT to translate subnet to x.x.x.x now i need to forward port YYY to inside ip address. give some advice guys,plz)
  10. - have a look
  11. definitely, He was the king!
  12. the problem has been solved with help of cisco netpro forum! here is the post : "If you have installed the product from the same disk as CUCM 6.1 I presume that you are talking about Unity Connection 2.x rather than Windows based Unity. The relevant guide for integrating CUCM using SCCP can be found at the link below." very sorry that nobody help here:(((
  13. any advice?
  14. hi there! i have installed CUCM v6 and Cisco Unity from the same disk on VMware. how can i integrate them? do i need Unity Telephony Integration Manager (Utim). Where should i get that tool? thanks in advance..
  15. hi sabbione. here is the default mapping Cos-dscp map: cos: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ------------------------------------ dscp: 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 54 i did not change it. should I???