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  1. great gentle man

    database restore ms sql 2000 personal edt

    i want to restore a backup of ms sql server2000 personal edtion on a new P.C , have installed a ms sql server 2000 professional edtion. got the backup file, now waht next i am a newbee in databases. thanks.
  2. great gentle man

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    any way I suddenly recieved a Cisco 2060 switch from H.O, just from nowhere, i can use it for ccna prep , and do you think i will be able to take ccna exam with 45 days prep using testout, cbt nuggets simulators descarding the dumps. (with Ramzan next month). will it be tough, moderate or a piece of cake. Thanks.
  3. great gentle man

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    Hi, you mentioned you are from Karachi and I m sure you didn’t study from CTTC which i have been recommended some time ago here = => www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=120285 If you have old videos and stuff then it can helpful for the topic which are still same but surely you can not cover the new topic like Wireless, IPv6 etc in the old stuff. For gaining experience on cisco devices you have to join institute ,or buy if you can afford the hardware or change your currenet company, otherwise It is very difficult. The CCNA fee is standard(in US $) in the whole world, you can check the current fee on official VUE site.If you are paying to the testing center directly then may be they will 2% or 3% extra charge you because they have to send (by using westren union or some other money transfer methods) your fee to the VUE headoffice located in the other country Hope this help Dear faisal cttc was the leader in networks tranings 3 to 5 years ago, but sorry to say they have no good teachers nor give enough time in labs. i have been there and wasted time and money, all the good teachers and tech assistants have gone abroad.
  4. great gentle man

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    Thanks Faisal for such detail. iwould like to know is there a really some big difference in newer version of CCNA and then the one 2 years ago i took training for CCNA from a CCIE written passed professional. Now I want to persue the cisco certification track, and i know by using cbts for mcse track that most of teachers here skip the details in their lectures and mostly it is a waste of time and money. any how i had downloaded the cbt nuggets couple of year ago willthey be still valid? i really liked Test 0ut cbts, they had simulations just like in M$ exams, arethey like that in CCNA too. getting traning passing the exam is one thing, how o get about gaining experience for cisco devices? as even in my company there is only one cisco 500 series switch, and its just a basic model. Please Confirm that fees of ccna is 250$ in karachi? and increase of 60 percent, it is outrageous
  5. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    as for DHCP, it was what i proposed , but they did not agree that they dont want it, they want to use static ip address. and static pool for vpn. as for DNS what i meant was how to make it secure form attacks from internet.
  6. great gentle man

    ISA error at client end

    here at our place we shut down every day at close and rstart the server in morning, on average of 3 to 4weeks this same problem occurs, i just restart the ISA services and every thing works fine, this really must be bug with ISA 2004
  7. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    neo2003SP1 as suggested above we are placing more than one DNS server in the single domain, how to make them secure from outside (internet) and how will replication will occur between them.
  8. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    Most likely your client confused that they need to buy a domain name to maintance the internal networking. You need to explain to him that anyone will have difficulty to manage, e.g. username and password, network printer, vpn, and tell him that most hacker and outsider will very easy to hack in and control your whole network, especially those hackers are interesting their finanical statement, CEO letter, and explose outside. Just explain how many risk if stay in Workgroup. Under workgroup, you cannot have full control for antivirus server. In addition, user cannot logon to Termainal Server. BTW, what is the purpose for Terminal Server? Thanks neo2003sp1 they have agreed to the domain in HO. The I.T Staff there are really dumb, so the virtualization goes out of window as they will not be able to support that if any thing goes wrong. I must say you really know your stuff neo2003sp1 , thanks for all that help from all of you guys.
  9. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    Symantec Corporate Edition; Is it good? and reliable, I heard and read that many viruses mange get through it. what about Mcafee, Kaspersky, Avast and Trend Micro. and by the way Ali I am from and in karachi whereare you thesen days?
  10. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    Thanks for all of your suggestions about workgroup, its the client thats want them, not me I would always prefer a domain, as far as using virtual servers are concerned, the client seems to have some reservations regarding unique and different technologies. but it is a very good option. I have found that using sadikhov has been the best decision for my carreer. regarding anti virus server which one do you recommend. we require a reliable but easily managble system as the persons that will be maintaning the whole are not very high skilled, so I am told
  11. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    a very good option indeed but the problem here in this part of world the inernet connection are not that reliable, which results in down time. by the way do you think the factory network design as I described above is correct? does it require any changes thanks.
  12. great gentle man

    designing a active directory network

    hello H_im4u; the project has two phases factory network and head office domain in factory is definite and they are just thinking about headoffice phase although the head office should also be a domain. they want a workgroup; will that be practical? will it cause known or unknown problems? will it make management more cumbersome?
  13. guys! I have to design a network using windows 2003 and ad this is what i have in mind (factory for 50 to 100 users ) abc.local functional level windows 2000 native or windows2003 DC1.abc.local with schmaster, domain name master; GC ; DNS; (do i need a pdc emulator here?) DC2.abc.local with rid master; infratructure master (DC2 is basicaly for redundancy) SVR1.abc.local it will be antivirus server(any suggestionwhich one to use?) and a file server and wsus server SVR2.abc.local it will be email server (mdaemon or kerio) TSVR1.abc.local terminal server LinuxOracleDB it will be a linux based Oracle Svr all clients will use win2k pro or WinXp ISA 2006 as an edge firewall, vpn(from this site to head office) and internet conectivity. All are server class machines with xeon dual core and DB is 4core Xeon. domain will have OUS based on departments and an managers ou. group policy is to be applied. user will have a ristricted desktop pc. (Head Office for 15 to 20 users ) ISA 2006 as edge firewall, vpn from this site to factory and internet conectivity.(client wanted email and antivirus server on this same machine but i dont agree) HOSVR (EmailSvr and Antivirus server). all clients will use win2k pro or WinXp access the oracle app in factory. the client wants the network to be a work group named HO-ABC Company. please advise how to make this design more reliable, secure, redundant and will have good performance.
  14. great gentle man

    My Story

    start thinking/imagining in the language you want to learn, I read some where, i really found it interesting, worked on it and can think in english, urdu panjabi and now speak them as well. another tip I think as far as english in IT Feild is concerned that all or most of the terms are already in english, just dont be afraid to speak what you know and ask some one if there is a mistake my humble opinion .
  15. great gentle man

    ~passed~ 70-298

    congrats mate by the way can you recall what mistake did you made. or was there some thing different?