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  1. ahmasmail

    Account Managment

    Dears, Can any one please help in the following account management. I want to create a domain user which can install/remove applications on client computers, manage client computers and can't login on server. How can i do this? Best Regards
  2. Dears, Yesterday i was working on GPO in Windows server 2008 r2. Domain Administrator Account disabled from me and i don't know the password of Local Administrator. GPO also disabled computers Local Administrator Password. Can any body please help me in this regard. My Server is Hp Prolaint DL380 G7 Server Thanks
  3. Dears, I am planning the development of new website of our office. i almost prepare the RFP (Request for Proposal) of the Website. but i am a bit confused about the security and Platform of the new website. Can any one please guide me regarding the platform (Programming Language)/ Open Source Packages like (Joomal, Zend etc) and securities i implement. which tools and securities you are suggesting me. Best Regards
  4. Dears, We are planning the development of our new office IT Infrastructure. Inside the network our Active Directory along with Vmware Zimbra Mail Server and Video Conferencing will be configured. I want to place Video Conferencing equipments at four locations inside the ASA. My question is which ports should i open on ASA to allow traffic from outside network to inside network for mails communications and Video Conferencing and should i use port-forwarding on ASA for this task? Best Regards AHMAD
  5. Dear all, Can any one help me regarding recover/reset/break the password(Embedded Web Server (EWS) ) of hp laserjet hp2430. I tried through hp web jetadmin but it requires old password. Best Regards Zahoor
  6. Dears, Please share me your experience regarding Open Source CMS. Which one is better and secure. Like Zend, Drupal or Joomla? Best Regrds, Zahoor
  7. ahmasmail

    HP Hardware Life Time

    Dear All, Can any one please share me the information and experience of HP Equipments Like Server, workstations, Laptops, Desktops, Printers etc. What is the life or life cycle of HP Servers particularly, mean how many years it can work fine and after some years there is some issue of Array, Hard Drives, Slow performance etc for example.. If i install a server on today date when i will replace that server, i am talking about the replacement policy. Best Regards Zahoor Ahmad
  8. ahmasmail

    Problem with Printing

    Hi, I disabled the Appletalk but still the problem exist. When i restart the printer then it is ok for some time (Minutes). I guess that the problem is in the Jetdirect Card. Please share your experience. Best Reagrds
  9. Ok i found the solution and it works i add the following lines inside the head tab <style> a{ text-decoration:none; } </style>
  10. Dear All, Can any one tell me how to remove underlines from the Hyperlinks in FrontPage 2000. Best Regards Zahoor Ahmad
  11. ahmasmail

    Problem with Printing

    Dears, When i am trying to print from any computer the following Message is displayed. The Print Spooler was unable to connect to your printer. This can be caused by your printer being turned off, the cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN, which will block your access to your local network. Your document will print when the printer becomes available. We are using HP laserjet 2400 Printer. Every thing like network is working, Printer is attached to the network, printer is Power On, Networking cable connected. but still it doesn't work Please share your experience.. Best Regards.
  12. ahmasmail

    can not print on network

    Also make the service as automatic because it will run when your computer boot.
  13. Dear All, Please share your experience of how to block unwanted mails (like advertisement etc) in Hotmail. There is a spam filter in Hotmail and that is checked but still i am receiving such kind of mails. Best Regards,
  14. ahmasmail

    Zimbra Vs Qmail

    Dear all, I want to setup either Zimbra, qmail or sendmail. i have no idea of these three Mail Server(i am new to these mail servers AND trying to learn)but give me the suggestion and compare that which one is better in case of security, fast routing the messages, scalability , portability and cost. Please share me your experience... Best Regards Zahoor Ahmad
  15. ahmasmail

    CCNP Certification Expiration

    Hello Dudes, I heard about the ccnp track expiration in March 2010. Can you please comment on this. Thank you