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  1. michanel

    Simulations Help

    Go to Microsoft's web site - they got virtual lab set up for you - just ASK and register to be seated at specific time.
  2. michanel

    The Road Ahead

    If you are a MCSA2003, then it is 2 more test (70-293, and 70-294) to get your MCSE. [maybe an elective too, depends on what you have in your exampacks] if you are MCSA2000, then it is 70-292 and 70-296 to upgrade to MCSE2003. (still 2 exams)
  3. michanel

    How To Get Mcsa Certification

    That means in addition to knowing Windows 2003, you also knows Exchange Server (Email). Take 70-284 for MCSA+M and 284 AND 285 for MCSE+M.
  4. michanel

    Ms Transcript Update

    The game of passing exam - updating record should be done automatically. If perform correctly, then everyone can receive their records update at no time. Unfortunately for those of us who happened to have the records - misplaced by representatives. Try to use TCP instead of UDP when we finished the test and update our records. (Let's see how many of us remember the network functions of these protocols
  5. michanel

    How To Install Exchange 2003?

    Open up AD user/group. click on Domain Admin account. Look at the tab pages of the Domain Admin, look at memers and members of - Domain Admin should be "MEMBERS OF" Enterprise Admin AND Schema Admin. If not, add it in. Now, how do you pass 70-290 without knowing this????????? PLEASE go back and study the basics before you go furthur on and become a paper MCSx.
  6. michanel

    How To Get Mcsa Certification

    Although in NO PARTICULAR order, it is always better to work on the easier ones first - mostly the clients and and work upward to the integrate parts of the server. Prefer order would be Clients: 70-270 XP or 70-620 Vista Server: 70-290 Management (AD, group policies, etc), and then 70-291 Network Services (DNS, DHCP, RRAS) Electives: up to you Comptia A+/Net+, Sec+, or some other Microsoft specialize courses. Look that one up. (This one derrails from the MS CORE so take it BEFORE or AFTER, it simply doesn;t matter)
  7. michanel

    Ms Transcript Update

    With the printout of the Test (prometric or Vue), there was two codes that you can do to verify the passing of the exams - try to VALIDATE your Pass on the Testing site (whether Prometric or Vue). Once that's done, it should take less than 1 week (I ALWAYS follow this approach; I validate the passing of the exam RIGHT after I pass the exam - make sure your testing center did a RMA on Vue or Pulse on Prometric to upload your score to the Testing Sponsors) And I got my records within 3 days! (Take the Test on THURSDAY night - By Tuesday morning, it is there. 5 days - the 2 days on the weekend that they don;t work to upgrade)
  8. michanel

    How To Install Exchange 2003?

    When you are running forest prep, make sure the user you are logged on as is a member of enterprise admins and schema admins. Must be member of both in order to modify schema with exchange attributes. Domain Admin ALONE is not enough unless it is in Enterprise Admin and SchemaAdmin group. Remember WHAT exactly are you PREPPING for - the schema entries!
  9. But what is your objective to "NOT DOING ANY SIMS AT ALL"????? It is like saying "you'll become a MCSx without doing any REAL work except clicking A,B,C,D" - Does it even make sense at all to get a cert but NOT being able to do anything relevant in real life? But, if on the other hand - you are thinking you'll answer one or two sims wrong - no problem! You'll still pass with 900+ (pending all the multiple choices are correct)
  10. Preplogic has been offering a FREE VOUCHER along with its own prep course for as low as $89. But it is only valid in US. _http://www.preplogic.com/products/exams/view-practice-exams.asp Take ANY A+, NET+ Sec+ or MICROSOFT MCSE TRACK test for the price of $99 (reimbursement if fail) - kind of like Exam Insurance from Microsoft - only CHEAPER! at 1/2 the price. (Valid for only 1 voucher per user)
  11. michanel


    It is microsoft's way of saying "Let the corporation start upgrading the desktop client first - While we still use Win2003 Server" (notice that the Vista client has been out for half a year by now and the Win 2008 server is still hasn't shown its face into the doors of the corporate market) Just as we can use 70-210 (Win2000 prof) as client for client elective for MCSE, we sure can use 70-620 for MCSE2003. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, the NEW MCITP certification (equivalent to MCSE2003 in terms of 2008), has not announce the usage of MCSE2003 classes/test electives as of yesterday's webcast seminar. The path would have to be 70-620+70-640+70-642+70-643+70-647 to become ENTERPRISE Administrator (MCSE equivalent-NO MORE MCSEs!) and 70-640+70-642+70-646 to become SERVER Administrator (MCSA equivalent). For those who is currently MCSA/MCSE - upgrade path would be: Enterprise Admin= 70-649 + (70-620 or 70-624)+ 70-647 Server Admin= 70-648 + 70-646 70-640 is AD configuration 70-642 is Infrastructure Configuration 70-643 is Application Platform Configuration Anyone of these is an MCTS certification + 70-646 is For Server Administrator (upgrade is 70-648) 70-647 is for Enterprise Admin (Upgrade is 70-649) ONLY ONE EXAM required to become MCITP
  12. michanel


    Yes, ENERGY, you're right. I've re-check and seen that I was directed to a old page in Microsoft. They got different sayings in pages that are very similar. So, the elective catrgory has expand to a lot more options.
  13. michanel


    For MCSA, you'll have to take the 2 Core test (290,291), a client test (270) or (210), AND an Elective - whether it is A+/Net+, A+/Server+, or MCDST (70-271, 70-272). The structure ensure that a MCSA has a well-round knowledge of Microsoft Server envirnoment with client adaptability. With additional SPECIALIZATION: Messaging required another test 70-284 Security required two of the following exams: 70-299, 70-227, 70-350 or Security+ So, the minimum test you'll neeed is 5; and if you want to be MCSA+M+S then you'll have to take 5+1+2=8 exams. (5 test because the elective required 2 tests) - MCDST is the Cheapest way to go, Comptia exam is normally more expensive than Microsoft.
  14. michanel

    Dr Z

    _http://technicalman.[nofileshares].com/ It contains Study materials to all MCSE and more. Memorize it well.
  15. michanel

    Help( About 291 Sims)

    It is probably due to the codecs that is missing in your computer. Try to download AVIcodecs and see which codec the AVI is using, and then download the codec from free websites. It doesn't matter what EXTENSION it is in - if your computer has the proper codecs, it will play an AVI as MPG, or vice versa. The problem is in the decoding codecs.