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  1. so simply, I can just purchase a 3560 smi switch and add a EMI ios and it should just work fine. I have the image as my friend has a CCO login
  2. Thanks for the reply. So if i was to purchase 3560 SMI switch and then install the 3560 EMI IOS file, will it then just prompt for the licence key number. Is that correct? Or how would this work
  3. I have looked at many posts made here and other sites but still getting confused by the replies from users that I hope someone here can clarify. What i would like to know is if the process of upgrading a smi switch to emi is possible, like on the 3550 by just changing the IOS. Not requiring any licence or actual hardware to do this on the 3560 before I purchase.This is the only thing left to purchase while using GNS3 and real routers and switches I have at home. Thanks in advance
  4. Macs support active directory but using OSX server. You can setup OS X server to integrate with your windows network and have the active directory on your wk23 to set permissions etc on your mac clients on your smb shares. here is an article that might help you
  5. there are a few but i would say the best are from solarwinds. They do have free tools that you can use hope this helps
  6. the cbt nuggets use DRM protection as a norm and unfortunately will only work on windows media player. You best bet is to install windows media player using wine. When you have that installed you should then be able to watch those videos hope that helps
  7. I would highly recommend the labs given in the offical Cisco Netacademy course material. And the labs done in CBT nuggets and trainsignal, Equipment I assume you have within your work place.
  8. 1: The reason why cisco stated 75% is that the rest is used for critical traffic like routing protocols etc. If they do not function correctly then all manor of things could go wrong. They must take precedence over everything else and is not wise to go beyond 75% of bandwidth allocation. If do you wish to do this, so be it but on your own head. 2: When designing QoS you really need to calculate the bandwidth available (for you 2Mb excluding 25% for critical bandwidth reservation) will be 1.5mb of bandwidth. Now QoS will help but if you do not have sufficient bandwidth to calculate adequate bandwidth requirements for each process then unfortunately this will not help and you and will have to ask to increase your bandwidth from your boss and get a better line. It really depends on the network requirements. What are you allocating and is that a true estimate of bandwidth allocation for each class of traffic Hope this helps
  9. if you see the sticky at the top of this category you would find a great post on what you should do to start ccvp
  10. Although this could be used it is very old for today's world. I would use a 1700 router or like myself 2801
  11. Hi Great work on the flow chart. This is compulsory learning on the ISCW module and i have to say you have done a more detailed design drawing than what is required. You certainly need to know the concepts on how both PPPoE and PPPoA work from both Customer and Exchange and know the basic configurations that is required but I certainly admire people that want to know the concepts behind the technology instead of shrugging there shoulders. keep up the good work
  12. from what i remember doing my ONT CNAP there have many good wireless labs 6.1 and beyond showing how you could do these sort of things. Your best bet is to look through that
  13. from what i remember in ISCW the switch will not forward any frames at OSI layer 2 and 3 aside from those captured from the span session. Thus the destination port does not participate in DTP, VTP,CDP and STP and some others and the only traffic sent out of the destination interface is the traffic from the span session use wireshark to see what being being sent out and you will see icmp pings being at 0% I could be wrong
  14. I totally agree with past comments. I had to study hard for the BSCI while the concepts are a little challenging initially you have to put the work in and and try to understand and how they can be applied. I did not find ONT or ISCW that difficult but each one to there own. Everyone has there own experiences but the key is to practice practice until you have nailed it solid
  15. I have yet to do the BCMSN but BSCI is a b*i*t*c*h worst of the 3 i have taken better get your head around that