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    Nvidia Geforce 7100gs

    i just installed a nVidia Geforce 7100GS - 256mb pci express. mobo is axper, running win xp, celeron 2.6ghz, 256mb ram. However i am unable to boot. Sometime it just show info about nvidia geforce 256 memory... (the first few line on start up) and stays there sometime i manage to go beyond the first screen and access bios or even boot to windows. but that's very rarely and i am unable to use my pc. it is fine if i remove the new graphics card and use the integrated one. the few times i was able to boot and access windows, it was only when i turned off the monitor and then start pc and then put monitor on after it has booted but this does not work all the time can anybody please help me. thank you - tg
  2. I remember sometime back i had to reformat my system because my IE was so much infected that it was dragging windows with it. Windows repair didnt work. Then some other time i wanted to remove windows media player because it was corrupt whereby i was unable to use it and/or install another newer version over it..... So here is a little program which will do wonders and let you manage your windows components at your convenience. It is a very small program which everyone should keep handy just in case.... http://[nofileshares].de/files/25479173/Pro.v1.7.rar http://[nofileshares].de/files/25479738/registratn.rar hope this will save you from trouble - tg
  3. vishwadev


    i installed all the windows update and patches. Now the problem is not occuring. It seems one of the culprit services was taking advantage of a windows loophole.
  4. vishwadev


    even replacing the svchost file did not help much. know it is a legitimate process but the one of the services that are loaded is a malicious program. the problem is recurring and unfortunately no AV finds anything wrong. i am now trying to apply all available patches for xp
  5. vishwadev


    i am able to resolve the issue with a very crazy idea. i just rebooted and went in safe mode, made a search for svchost.exe found it in system32 and another one having svchost... as part of its name in windows\prefetch. i deleted both. restarting windows, my desktop looked weird and cut n paste did not work. i copied svchost.exe and the other file from another pc and managed to somehow put them in their respective folders in MY pc. it's fine now though i must admit i did a risky task here
  6. vishwadev


    it is a common process in windows xp, but this legitimate process can be infected with a virus which makes it use all the cpu power. There is much talk in forums about this but no concrete remedy is found.
  7. vishwadev


    since last week i am trying in vain to fix my pc's problem. In taskmanager i am finding 4 instances of svchost.exe running. It may be normal upto here. But one of the processes is using almost al of my cpu's power. My pc i s becoming slow. Ran adaware, latest virus def for mcafee, avast, clamwin adn zonelarm av >>>> in vain i made search on google and the problem is commented but the solutions are not working in my case. when i tried to killed that malicious svchost process, i got a message that pc will shut down in 60 secondss.... a blaster/welcha symptom, but i didnt detect that using noron special blaster removal prof. just to avoid shutting down my pc in 60-- second, i ran shudown -a but after that i am nable to copy paste any file or words in docs until reboot. any help plz???? thanks
  8. vishwadev

    Reading .txt File And Saving To Database

    not 100% min. i did some reference and gather bits. i give the credits to the coders. I wanted to test this code with adodc as it is but with access 2003 database. I doubt it may not work. But i dont have access 2003. can anyone test it please thanks
  9. vishwadev

    Reading .txt File And Saving To Database

    i made some changes as follow and there is no compile error and it is saving fine thanks Private Sub Command2_Click() Open App.Path & "\names.txt" For Input As #2 Dim sArray() As String Do While Not EOF(2) Line Input #2, LineBuffer sArray() = Split(LineBuffer, ",") Adodc1.Recordset.AddNew Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(0).Value = sArray(0) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(1).Value = sArray(1) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(2).Value = sArray(2) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(3).Value = sArray(3) Adodc1.Recordset.Update Loop End Sub
  10. vishwadev

    Reading .txt File And Saving To Database

    hi all, this is the piece of code i managed to get by doing some reference but i am getting errors saying : BAD FILE NAME OR NUMBER referring to the 1st line of code: Open App.Path & "\names.txt" For Input As #File1 can anyone please help me sort it out. thanks Private Sub Command2_Click() Open App.Path & "\names.txt" For Input As #File1 'This my text file names.txt Dim sArray() As String ' string array to store the value Do While Not EOF(File1) Line Input #File1, LineBuffer sArray() = Split(LineBuffer, ",") 'taking comma as delimiter Adodc1.Recordset.AddNew Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(0).Value = sArray(0) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(1).Value = sArray(1) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(2).Value = sArray(2) Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(3).Value = sArray(3) 'saving to database Adodc1.Recordset.Update Loop End Sub
  11. vishwadev

    Reading .txt File And Saving To Database

    Hi Harsh, how are you? the text file format is there already as you will see it have commas as delimiter for values (columns) in database and then a dot (.) as delimiter for rows. i am trying to work something out, will post the codes. i will appreciate your help in the mean time. i am reading some material on CSV (comma separated values) at present. thanks
  12. Can anyone please point me to some refrence materials or provide some tips on how i can read from a comma separatedvalues from txt file and save it to a database table. for eg txt files may contain: 1, bill, clinton, usa. 2, jack, straw, uk. 3, tom, cruise,usa. can it be done? thanks
  13. vishwadev

    Remote Pc Access

    hi, i just registered with no-ip.com and download the dynamic updater client. From here i think it will be easy to manage. thanks a lot for the help.
  14. Hi, i have my pc at home which is connected to the internet using adsl on dynamic ip address. the ip address refreshes every 8hrs. Now i want to access my pc using some remote access software from my office. Is there any free software which can do this. I tried google and came to solution like Gotomypc, logmein, remotepc. But it needs a subscription to have this service. Is there any free application which can do this plz? anyone used such a software already? thanks regards, - vishwadev
  15. vishwadev


    hi, thanks for the suggestion. But surprisingly these days the behaviour is back to normal and i did not do any tweak. in case it repeats, i will try your solution beyboo! thanks i think it could have been some spyware....