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    Recertification of CCNA-Voice

    Dear Martinlo, I was way, sorry for the late replay. Thanks a lot for the info and now focusing on the V8. Any tips for me? Thanks again, Fahim

    Recertification of CCNA-Voice

    Dear Martinlo, Thanks a lot for the helping hand. Can you please let me know CVOICE 6 is still possible or should I go for CVOICE 8? I have seen in this forum that 6.0 expired. but just to authenticate from an experienced knowledgeable person in this domain. Many Thanks,

    Recertification of CCNA-Voice

    Hi Martinlo, Thanks for the answer. My basic requirement is just to preserve the CCNA. Hence can you please explain the below points. Seriously I don't know and can you please guide me even if the questions sound silly. My intention is not completing CCVP but save CCNA/CCNA-voice ONLY by taking single exam and renew them for another 3 years. 1. I posses CCNA/CCNA-voice, if I take the cvoice again (6 0r 8) or another CCVP module ( 6 or 8) will that reset the CCVP clock to another 3 years and renew CCNA/CCNA-VOICE? 2. If I take CCNP-Route module will that still renew CCNA/CCNA-voice and start the clock for CCNP path? Thanks a million. Fahim
  4. Dear Friends, Can you please someone explain on how I should move forward to re-certify the CCNA-VOICE? In 2010 I have passed CVOCIE 6.0 which enabled me to, 1. Renew CCNA 2. Passed CVOICE Module 3. Got CCNA-VOICE Now I need to renew all these certification through passing single exam. I would like to re sit for CVOICE if the same will enable me to renew all or at least CCNA only, which I do not want sit again in my life :-) Please help me in this regard. Time gone since I had to complete my MASTERS :-( Thanks in advance