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  1. Trying to work out a way using "Firewall" and "IPS" on a stick type configs. My diagram: http://i.imgur.com/jJI7UcP.png Theres a lot of unnecessary information missing but thats pretty much what I'm trying to do. So in the diagram: - Red lines are physical links (as in there will be 20 x Gigabit Ethernet connections from a WS-48 to each server or workstation... etc) - Blue lines are trunks - and the green line is a single phyiscal link to the router I'm trying to figure out a way to get both Firewall and IPS inline between each of the VLANs on the core switch, I don't think its possible though without going through either the firewall or the IPS twice. An example, when a host on Server VLAN connects to a host on the Workstation VLAN, it goes through both the firewall and the IPS. When a host on the workstation VLAN connects to a host on the internetit goes through both firewall and IPS... Any ideas?
  2. Thats it. That config should be fine.
  3. Drezard

    VMWare IPSv5 Troubles

    I disconnected the interfaces from the VM. Booted the machine again. It failed... Then added the interfaces to the VM. Then booted the machine again. It loaded successfully but still not network capability. Did i miss something? :S Daniel
  4. Hey guys. I followed this guide here: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=87973&hl=IPSv5 And I have IPSv5 up and running a VMWare Server 1.0.8 VM. I set it up the exact same, 3 bridged network intefaces and such. It starts up with no errors, goes straight to sensor# after I login. Ive done setup and set it up with a correct IP address, mask and gateway address, yet systems on the subnet can not ping the IPS and the IPS can not ping the gateway or other hosts. Ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix this? Daniel
  5. Building a smallish Cisco Lab here at home. I want to do it the cheapest (obviously) way possible. It seems like a big question Im asking but someone should be able to help. Im about to get a couple of 1720 routers for it and a switch or two. Focusing on the routers though. I want to do more of the CCSP stuff opposed to the CCNP stuff but, I want to be able to do both. My question is, what IOS do I need to be able to do MOST (not ALL the extras, just enough to pass the CCSP exams) on my 1720s? Like is there many IOSs or just one? What IOS would I be looking for? Would I need extra RAM? If there isn't what IOS's would do the things I want? Im a CCNA pass'e no better, so Im not quite familiar with Cisco IOSs. I had a look around Cisco's website and google and couldnt find a router IOS comparison sheet (of any form) but one that specifically deals with the security side of things. I just want the IOS to support ACLs (which I think all do), AAA and anything extra I can get. Thanks, Daniel
  6. I need help setting up a simple CCSP lab. I want to get all the basic equipment needed to pass the CCSP exams. (Well, do a bit of pratical lab work). I only currently have CCNA and so I'm a little shaky about buying gear because I haven't had that much exprience. From what I understand, I need: - Any 2x 1700 or 2600 series router (Not sure what IOS and how much memory is needed). - A Windows 2003 Server (Used to run the ACS). - A PIX firewall of some sort. - A Cisco based switch. Is that everything I need? My main questions are: Number 1. Are those routers good enough to run all of the CCSP based stuff (AAA, ACLs and such) or do they need a certain amount of memory? and what IOS is best to learn on? Number 2. Will any switch do? or will I require certain models with certain IOSs and memory? Number 3. Will any PIX firewall do? Number 4. Am i missing anything else? Please, any of those questions answered would help. Drez
  7. coz these linki died

  8. Plz upload these links again Contents: Java SCJP - Exam-Pack: CX-310-035